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Warzone: Best Perks for Urzikstan, Ranked

Here’s the best Perks you should be using in Warzone Urzikstan if you want to dominate the new map and climb the ranked ladder

The Perk system in Warzone is much different to how it is in Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer. Therefore, it can be difficult to choose the best Perks for your loadout when you first jump on the game. To make things much easier, we’ve ranked the best Perks to use in Warzone, with helpful explainers on what these Perks do.

Best Perks in Warzone

Warzone Perks

While players in Warzone like to engage with the game differently, with some enjoying a more methodical playstyle compared to close quarters combat, most Perks can be used for both playstyles.

Perks 1 & 2

All Perks available in Perk Slots 1 and 2 can be used in both, so these can be used in any order. However, the best Perks to use in these slots are Sleight of Hand, Hardened, Double Time and Mountaineer.

Double Time

Double Time is one of the most used Perks in Warzone as it doubles your Tactical Sprint duration. This allows you to move around the map much faster.

Sleight of Hand

Sleight of Hand is a great Perk for the Resurgence game mode as this will increase your reload speed by 30% to 40% depending on the weapon you’re using.


Hardened will nerf any incoming tactical equipment, meaning that you’ll be less affected by Stun and Flash grenades.


Mountaineer will double the amount of fall damage you can take before dying. This means that while a fall from 13 meters would be lethal without the perk, that is increased to 27 meters with it. This is extremely useful for players who like to play on top of buildings as you’ll be able to disengage much faster.

Perk 3

Ashika Island Warzone Resurgence

The Perk 3 slot is stacked with great Perks, with Quick Fix, Tempered, Cold-Blooded and Survivor being the best of the bunch.

Quick Fix

Quick Fix will instantly start health regeneration after eliminating a player, this makes it insanely good for players who like to run and gun in Urzikstan or Resurgence.


Tempered will reduce the number of armor plates needed from three to just two, allowing you to always stay at full health without needing to worry about finding armor plates around the map.


Cold-Blooded will makes you undetectable by thermal sights, recon drones, and most of all will prevent the alerting players who are using High Alert.


Survivor will increase your revive speed, reduce the amount of cash lost on death and will ping enemies that you down, making them much easier to find and full eliminate.

Perk 4

With less available Perks than the other Perk Slots, Perk 4 has one main winner for best perk, and that is High Alert. However, Resolute is another great option. Ghost and Birdseye are also viable in Warzone Urzikstan, but with Birdseye being a straight counter to Ghost, many players will opt to use neither.

High Alert

High Alert will highlight the side of your screen that an enemy is looking at you from. This only happens if the enemy is within 100 meters of you, so you’ll know to find cover or turn around and engage in a fight.


Resolute will give you a speed buff when you’re under fire from an enemy. This is an underrated perk, but it can be crucial in gunfights as it gives you that extra boost of speed to get behind cover.

These are the best Perks to use in Warzone, and while players will ultimately make their choice on which ones to use in their loadout, this explainer should help you understand how each one works.