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How to Get a Nuke in Warzone: Urzikstan Champions Quest Contract

Here’s how to complete the Champions Quest Nuke contract in Call of Duty: Warzone Urzikstan

Last year in Warzone 2, the Champions Quest Contract was introduced. This Contract was a way to make Warzone even more of a challenge, giving the best players the opportunity to set off a nuke during the match and end it with a victory. It has now returned to Warzone Urzikstan, so here’s everything you need to know including how to earn the contract, and how to pull it off.

How to Earn the Champions Quest Contract

To unlock the ability to complete the Champions Quest Contract, you’ll first have to win 30 games within a season or win five matches in a row. If you’re in a squad, only one player on your team will need to have completed this challenge. However, the Champions Quest Contract in Warzone Urzikstan has a new layer of difficulty, as other players in the game can steal the Contract by eliminating your team.

Urzikstan Champions Quest Nuke

How to Complete the Champions Quest Contract

After earning the Contract, the next game you load into will have the Champions Quest Contract available. Land on the Contract location and pick it up to start the 20-minute timer.

  1. First, you’ll need to get the Geiger Counter, which can be found in a loot cache near the Contract.
  2. An area will be marked on your map if you’re holding the Geiger Counter, locate the cache in this area and open it.
  3. This cache will feature one of the elements required for the Nuke, Beryllium. Picking this up will reveal your position on the map to every player in the lobby, making the next steps much harder.
  4. Head to the next location marked on your map and open the locked area by drilling the safe.
  5. Once opened, you’ll have acquired Tritium, which disables your radar and all vehicles.
  6. The final element can be secured by shooting down a nuclear chopper and opening the nuclear crate that drops from it, this will give you Plutonium which will add a radiation effect to all players nearby.
  7. Head to the bomb site and arm the bomb
  8. Once activated, defend the nuke for 2 minutes until it detonates, and you win the match.

Champions Quest Rewards

Players who complete the Champions Quest will be rewarded with some exclusive items:

  • “Number 1” Emblem
  • “Fire Crew” Weapon Sticker
  • “Atomic” Weapon Charm
  • “Big Boom” Calling Card
  • “Warning: Nuke” Weapon Sticker
  • “Dangerous Material” Emblem
  • “Melted” Weapon Camo
  • “Meltdown 240” Operator Skin

That’s everything you need to know about the Nuke/Champions Quest Contract in Warzone Urzikstan. It’s definitely a hard challenge and is only achievable by the best players in the game, but the rewards make it worth the time.