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WATCH: Full Interview with Toronto Ultra Star Thomas "Scrappy" Ernst

We sat down with Toronto Ultra's rookie, Scrap, during the Call of Duty League Major 3.
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One of the teams that are becoming a powerhouse in the Call of Duty League is the Toronto Ultra. They've put together a strong team from top to bottom. Each player understands their role and plays to each other's strengths.

To start the season, Ultra made a strong push in Major 1 but fell just short of making it to Championship Sunday, losing to the LA Thieves. Major 2 was a bit of the same, again losing to the Thieves before making it to Championship Sunday.

While their play was dominant throughout the first two Majors, the final day seemed to haunt them.

Now, it's Major 3, and the same can be said for their play - Dominance. 

One of the best overall players is Toronto Ultra's Thomas "Scrappy" Ernst. While this year is his rookie year, he's playing like a veteran. At any moment, he can outgun any team and put Ultra on his back.

Not only can he run around and slay, but he can do it with any gun. Put an AR or an SMG in his hands and Scrap can get nasty with it. You'll even see him take out the sniper. Give him the boom stick and he'll find headshots very few can find.

Scrap's knowledge of the game is what makes him one of the best players in the CDL. He understands when he needs to get on hills and attack points. He also knows when to hold angles and cover his team. 

Scrap's not afraid to let his team work and play to their strengths and knows when to take his chances. This is why Toronto Ultra has shown flashes of being the best team in the Call of Duty League this year.

During the Major 3 event of the Call of Duty League, we sat down with Scrap of the Toronto Ultra. Watch the full interview below:

Full Interview