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Rocket League consists of a multitude of skill gaps, creating a viewable divide in many teams within all skill levels at the collegiate level. Specifically in the NACE Varsity Premier Tier, we’ve seen the following teams prove themselves already during 2023, and only expect even greater results as we draw closer to the Fall season.

5. Brewton-Parker College

Brewton Parker College

Unable to find their way into the top four of the Spring 2023 NACE Varsity Premier season, Brewton-Parker College seems to be a little farther off from the top than this list suggests. This team finished 6-1 in group play and even took West Virginia to a game seven series in the quarterfinals. Unfortunately, appears that, even more so than Boise State, Brewton-Parker College lacks the consistency and final touches to make a truly remarkable run. 

There haven’t been any notable off-season changes made by this group, and there hasn’t been much noise in many previous events. Will BPC make the improvements needed to edge further up the ladder, or will they fall down to the rest of the pack?

4. Boise State University

Boise state logo

As one of the dominant teams in the West region of Collegiate Rocket League, Boise State has been known to produce results — especially in recent NACE Varsity Premier seasons. Most recently, Boise State was taken down in the semifinals by Northwood, who ended up taking the trophy. Compared to other teams on this list, however, Boise State has lacked consistency. In the group stages, they were taken down by Mizzou, who were unable to qualify for playoffs. 

Along with some of the other teams on this list, Boise State was able to qualify for the Collegiate World Championship. However, they could not break out of the group stage, eliminated with a measly 1-2 record. If this team is able to find footing with their new roster changes and other heavy offseason changes, Boise State may be the team to make an impact for the West North American region in NACE.

3. St. Clair College


Previously, St. Clair suffered a tough loss in the NACE Varsity Premier Spring 2023 playoffs to West Virginia University, 4-1. Until this point, they were dominant, though. After achieving an impressive 6-0 record in group play, St. Clair only dropped two games in their playoff run before reaching the semifinals. Overall, this team has remained solid through the past few seasons, only losing to the teams that finish in the top three overall placements. Over the course of the off-season, St. Clair has added “aris”, a consistently Top 100 global player. As we move towards the Fall season, we can expect the Saints to reach closer to the top.

2. West Virginia University


In the Spring 2023 season, this team fell short in the NACE Varsity Premier Championship to none other than Northwood. Since then, this team has only made improvements. Along with competing in the recent 2023 CRL World Championship and placing Top 12, West Virginia came out on top in the invitational Colleague Madness 2023. After these impressive results, WVU shocked the country with their roster additions during Summer 2023. 

Two professional players, Tool and daunt, will be teaming alongside West Virginia’s star player “Angel” for Fall 2023. Considering the heights this program was able to reach previously, it’s easy to say the next team on this list will have some tough competition for the top spot.

1. Northwood University


Anyone within the collegiate Rocket League scene understands that this is no question. In the previous NACE Spring season, NU RL Blue took first place in the NACE Varsity Premier Tier, beating WVU RL Blue 4-2. This team also has an impressive history, winning the CRL World Championship in 2022. This team has been atop NACE Varsity Premier competition for multiple seasons, with no intention of dropping any time soon. 

Similar to the recent teams listed, Northwood has added their own professional-caliber player to the roster, Zineel. The skill ceiling is certain to reach even greater heights as we reach the second half of the 2023 NACE season.

Written by Brooks Valdez

This article was created as part of an internship collaboration with NACE