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What is Counter-Strike 2 Premier Mode — Pick Ban, MR12, Prime Explained

CS2 brings a new monetization strategy complete with a new way to play. Find out how to access and dominate Premier Mode

While Counter-Strike 2 is free to download, you probably noticed a paid upgrade called Premier Mode. This mode was also available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, used by a lot of high-level players in the upper ranks. So what is it and should you pay for it when you start playing CS2?

What is CS2 Premier Mode?

Also known as Active Duty Pick-Ban, CS2 Premier Mode is essentially a competitive mode in Counter-Strike 2. It has a map ban system, forfeit conditions, and an MR12 format. On top of that, Premier Mode has public ranking after 10 matches, allowing top players to appear on a leaderboard.

How Does Premier Mode Ranking Work?

In Premier Mode, you initially need to complete 10 matches. After this, your performance will determine where you are placed on a ranked ladder. Your Premer Mode rank is public and will be on a global leaderboard.

Rank is not impacted by AFK and leavers since you can choose to forfeit a match if a teammate ditches it. If someone votes to end a match after someone quits, you will automatically be returned to the queue. Your rank will not be changed.

Counter-Strike 2 gameplay

What is Pick Ban in Counter-Strike 2 Premier Mode?

At the start of a match, each team will take turns banning a map in the current map pool until one map remains.

The first team will ultimately eliminate three maps while the second team will eliminate two. To make it fair, the second team will get to select which side of the map they want to play, Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist.

What is MR12?

MR12 means that you’ll no longer play more than 12 rounds per half when you play Premier Mode. There will be a maximum of 24 rounds per match. If there’s a tie, you can expect 30. This has led competitive matches to be resolved with fewer rounds, keeping the grind going for competitive players.

Is It Worth it to Pay For Prime Matchmaking?

Counter-Strike Prime is a one-time payment of $14.99. You don’t have to pay per month and it should stay on your account after you initially download it.

CS2 Prime gives you access to a competitive queue without as many hackers and cheaters. It’s a way to avoid all of the trolls that run amok in the free version of the game, potentially making your experience a lot more enjoyable.

Prime Counter-Strike players are also eligible for weekly cosmetic drops, XP, and service medals.