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Tekken 8 Full Roster — All Characters Confirmed

Leaks and announcements have given a picture of the full Tekken 8 roster. We break it all down
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Tekken 8 is bringing the chaos later this year and the FGC has been slowly piecing together a powerful and iconic roster.

From exciting new characters to legendary returning favorites, the full Tekken 8 roster promises a wide variety of playstyles and character fantasies. There's truly something here for everyone.

All Confirmed Fighters in Tekken 8

You’ll see a lot of familiar faces here.

Devil / Devil Kazuya

The first Tekken 8 trailer showed Kazuya Mishima in his Devil form. In past games, Devil Kazuya is a stance and not his own character, although he has his own attacks. It’s unclear if Devil Kazuya will be a stand-alone character in Tekken 8 but we are predicting it’s a stance per usual.

The first Tekken 8 trailer showed Kazuya Mishima in his Devil form. In past games, Devil Kazuya is a stance and not his own character, although he has his own attacks. It’s unclear if Devil Kazuya will be a stand-alone character in Tekken 8 but we are predicting it’s a stance per usual.

Devil Jin

Jin Kazama will be joining his father with a return to his Devil form in Tekken 8. But same as Kazuya, it’s unclear if Devil Jin will be his own character or a stance for Jin.


Jack’s newest form is Jack-8, a glowing cyborg with a massive gun and powerful armored fists. While Jack-8 has a different look than previous Jack variations, his moveset seems quite similar.

Jin Kazama

Trailers have confirmed that Jin Kazama is returning with his signature blend of jujitsu and martial arts. He was a protagonist in Tekken 3 and has continued to be a central character ever since.

Jun Kazama

Jun has been around even longer than Jin, first appearing in Tekken 2. That’s because she’s his mother! She is a spiritual character that’s passionate about protecting wildlife.


With his iconic jaguar-themed wrestling attire — including a massive jaguar head — King is back and more vibrant than ever. His gameplay reveals a lot of grappling techniques that shows off his showmanship and energy more than ever.

Lars Alexandersson

His electric abilities were on full display in a gameplay trailer, making Tekken fans even more pumped for the anime-inspired assassin’s return.

Marshall Law

This iconic character is returning with even more references to Bruce Lee. Fans noticed that his facial expressions, mannerisms, and moves had a lot of call-backs to the famous martial artist. His strong kicks are enough to give goosebumps.

Nina Williams

Nina was shown off at the Tekken World Tour finals at the start of this year. This silent, sunglasses-clad assassin is weapon-heavy, including dual-wielding handguns.

Paul Phoenix

This fan-favorite is back with his signature blonde hair and powerful punches. His unique playstyle was on display in his gameplay trailer, with a lot of punches that sent opponents flying back.

Ling Xiaoyu

Ling is back. The iconic Tekken 8 fighter has a very fluid fight style inspired by dance. Fans are excited by her more mature appearance and playstyle this time around.

Leroy Smith

Fans are excited to see the return of Leroy Smith, who fought his way out of a gang-infested neighborhood to become a world traveler who learned martial arts to liberate his community. He is a relatively new character but has already grown a huge fanbase.

Asuka Kazama

Jin Kazama’s cousin is returning. She has her own unique spin on Kazama-style of martial arts, making her distinct from Jin and Jun. Her strong kicks and punches look very satisfying to pull off.

Bryan Fury

Bryan was one of the recent characters to get a gameplay trailer. The older fighter is no stranger to chaos, bringing rapid combos and explosives to battle.


First appearing in Tekken 3, Hwoarang is a returning classic. His trailer had Tekken players excited, with many noting that he had a lot of improvements to his moveset. This includes taking some inspiration from Baek.


The blonde socialite is back. Once living in a luxurious mansion, Lili became a strong fighter when she was kidnapped at 12 years old. She may appear cutesy but Lili is extremely agile and deadly with eye-catching flips and kicks.

Claudio Serafino

The Italian Exorcist is back with his signature hop kick and starburst this Tekken 7 fan-favorite makes his return to Tekken 8. The Archers of Sirius leader is set to unleash an enhanced set of combo chains that play off of his aesthetically pleasing starburst stance in his sophomore Tekken game.


Azucena is the first confirmed new fighter to appear in Tekken 8. Announced at Evo 2023, her trailer was full of evasive movements, powerful kicks, and one-liners about her love of coffee. The Peruvian fighter is looking quite promising and many are looking to make her their new main.



The space ninja returns with a new look as he always does. Yoshimitsu (along with Paul, Nina and King) has the honor of being one of the few characters to appear in all mainline Tekken games.


Making their debut in Tekken 6, Leo is a newer character to the mix but is now a mainstay of the series.


The taciturn Russian Sambo specialist is back again. He’s got one of the more unique styles of play with a heavy focus on submission holds.


Along with Claudio, Shaheen made his debut in Tekken 7. He returns in 8 with the same focus on moves that drive his opponents into hard knockdowns.

Steve Fox

The prototypical boxer of Tekken, Steve has been around since Tekken 4. He is actually the biological son of Nina Williams (created from her genetic material, she didn’t give birth to him) but the two share no emotional connections.

Feng Wei

Feng Wei looks to have much of his gameplan retained from Tekken 7. He’s a powerful character that’s all about hard knockdowns and devastating strikes. Many of his attacks in Tekken 8 create crumple states on counter hit leaving you open to even more damage. And if that wasn’t enough, Feng is still one of the best at driving you into the ground and popping you back up for even more brutality. Tekken often is a game where massive mechanical changes to characters don’t happen that often, Feng continues that legacy.

Leaked Characters in Tekken 8

On top of the 16 confirmed fighters on Tekken 8’s roster so far, there have been some promising leaks that point at classic characters returning to the fray as well.

Right now, fans spotted Yoshimitsu and Alex in behind-the-scenes footage, including a leaked motion capture video. The clips showed actors wearing their costumes and doing their signature moves during the game’s development process.