Are MultiVersus Servers Down? Mixed Launch Day Report

Sort of. Here's what's going on during MultiVersus release day.

Today is MultiVersus' release day! As expected, it's a bit chaotic. Here's what to do if servers appear down for you.

Over 100,000 people are playing MultiVersus on launch day, which means there's plenty of gamers rushing to try out the new game modes and characters. With that comes some issues with getting into servers and experiencing smooth gameplay.

Are MultiVersus Servers Down?

All throughout the day, there have been some stability issues across multiple platforms due to eager players rushing to try out the game after its long break.

Right now, MultiVersus is live for all platforms but your ability to play the game will change throughout the day. You can read the full schedule for today here.

Consoles were in maintenance mode until 7 AM EST. After that, players were allowed to arrive in waves to Xbox and PlayStation. Unfortunately, developers ran into some issues along the way. TAs multiple waves of console players crowded into MultiVersus, devs announced that the Xbox Store was having a few issues. This was followed by a problem in the "backend" but things have seemed to clear up for console players since.

For PC players, maintenance mode lasted till 1 PM EST. This made it so gamers experienced issues with servers and bugs on PC until a few hours ago. Some server problems may still be ongoing but developers haven't reported any widespread issues.

MultiVersus Batman servers

How to Fix MultiVersus Server Issues

If you are still experiencing server issues, you may just need to give MultiVersus some time. But you can also try the following:

1. Try logging out and logging back in!
2. Check your routers and WiFi connection
3. Restart your PC
4. Just chill and wait for dev updates

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