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As we get closer and closer to Street Fighter 6’s summer release date, Capcom is shining a spotlight on new and classic fighters alike. This time, Dhalsim was given his own character trailer and he’s looking just as complex and crazy as ever before.

Dhalsim has been on the Street Fighter 6 roster for a while now, starting back in Street Fighter Alpha 2. He has a distinct appearance and fighting style, as well as an extensive backstory that has made him an iconic part of the roster — even if a lot of people refuse to play him.

New Dhalsim Trailer Revealed

In Dhalsim’s new trailer, he’s described as an Indian monk and yoga master who has served as the guide for countless suffering souls. While he prefers to avoid conflict, he has a strong hatred of evil that compels him to fight for justice.

In the trailer, Street Fighter 6 fans are given a taste of his terrifying range and explosive fire abilities. And many players are concerned.

But he also has a victory pose with an elephant — and nobody can deny how badass it looks.

Who is Dhalsim in Street Fighter 6?

You are probably wondering how a yoga master ended up fighting some of the fiercest fighters in the world. Well, the story begins when Dhalsim decides to raise money to save his village in Street Fighter Alpha 2. Then in Street Fighter Alpha 3, Dhalsim is hoping to destroy M. Bison, using his mind control powers to seek answers about the evil entity during his journey.

By Street Fighter 2, Dhalsim is entering tournaments to continue raising money for his village but feels it contradicts his beliefs. He decides to retire and roam the world to help people in need.

In Super Street Fighter 4, Dhalsim is looking to free the flow of water to his village after S.I.N. built a dam. While reluctant to use his powers for violence, he is compelled to save his village once again.

How Does Yoga Become a Fighting Style?

Dhalsim does not simply go into downward dog or handstand scorpion. Instead, he stretches his limbs and breathes fire to attack enemies from a distance. This is apparently the powers you get when you master the art of yoga.

Dhalsim’s Playstyle in Street Fighter 6

A recent developer match between Dee Jay and Dhalsim showed off some of the yoga master’s unique moves. Dhalsim is able to float and teleport, as well as stretch his limbs to an unhuman length. Most notably, however, are the fireballs he constantly throws at enemies.

Dhalsim has always been a very unique fighter that a lot of people stay away from. One player in the YouTube comments section even said that it takes a “special breed” of fighting game player to pick up Dhalsim.

While already a bit of a trickster thanks to his long-ranged zoning capabilities, many Street Fighter players are worried about his fireball capabilities this time around. In Street Fighter 6, Dhalsim can switch from his Yoga Fire projectile to Yoga Arch projectile, both of which have a super short recovery time.

It’s safe to say that his fast fireballs have players scared. However, it appears that most Street Fighter 6 characters have a ton of potential and will be on an even playing field — at least at the start. So don’t expect Dhalsim’s fireballs to make him too OP, although there’s no denying that Dhalsim has incredible floatiness, speed, and range that will keep opponents on their toes.