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New and fan-favorite fighters alike have been getting official introductions as Street Fighter 6’s release date draws near. The confirmed roster is looking incredibly dynamic and colorful, especially since classic characters are getting new looks that are exciting and vibrant.

The latest character introduction was for Dee Jay, a dance hall superstar that has stylish moves and a fun-loving attitude. Here is everything we’ve learned about Dee Jay leading up to this summer when the FGC can finally play him for themselves.

New Dee Jay Trailer Revealed

Dee Jay’s official character introduction showcases his hilarious voice lines and over-the-top, stylish fighting moves. He ends the battle with a dramatic, music-inspired outro and flamboyant pose that has won over fans. But some Street Fighter players are conflicted about his level 3 as well as his new role as a hybrid fighter.

Who is Dee Jay in Street Fighter 6?

Dee Jay first appeared in Super Street Fighter 2 and made a return in both 4 and 5. He is known as a Music Superstar, a kickboxer and a recording artist with shoulder-length dreadlocks and clothing inspired by the colors of the Jamaican flag.

Dee Jay is known for his happy-go-lucky personality and he almost always has a smile throughout his fights. While laid back and positive, Dee Jay doesn’t tolerate people misbehaving during his concerts and will throw out people if necessary. He travels the world doing concerts for his new dance hall albums but somehow always finds time to kick ass.

Dee Jay was originally designed by James Goddard, an American designer who once said a “really kick-ass black character would be awesome, instead of someone who was more negative, which is what you tended to see from the Japanese back in those days.”

What is Kickboxing Karateka?

Kickboxing karateka is a hybrid martial art form from Japan focused on kicking and punching. The techniques are inspired by karate, boxing, and Muay Thai. It’s an aggressive fighting style but it’s more defensive than offensive.

Dee Jay’s Playstyle in Street Fighter 6

Dee Jay is a kickboxer that has taken popular moves from martial arts and combined them with dancing. He is often seen sliding around and making far-reaching kicks. But there are a lot of changes to Dee Jay’s playstyle in Street Fighter 6.

Previously, Dee Jay was known as a “charge” character. This meant that he was often playing defensively, holding back to charge powerful attacks. But in Street Fighter 6, he’s confirmed to be a “hybrid” fighter instead. This means he still has some charge moves but he’s a bit more versatile this time around.

In an official fight between Dee Jay and Dhalsim released three months ago, players noted that Dee Jay looks a lot more fun to play and is a bit trickier than he was previously. His good range, anti-air moves, fireballs, and dominance at mid-range have players predicting that he will be a top-tier fighter that players will hate competing against. Some fans have already said that they plan to become Dee Jay mains in Street Fighter 6.

While watching his new level 3 finisher, gamers were also drawn in by his charisma, smile, and upbeat personality. This alone has made a lot of fighting game fans excited to play him. Between the new look and the mix-ups in his playstyle, the rework has definitely been big for Dee Jay, who is looking to be a top contender in Street Fighter 6.