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How to Build a Car in LEGO Fortnite

You can build a lot of things in LEGO Fortnite and this includes vehicles. If you want to drive a car you’ve built in LEGO Fortnite, here’s your guide.

The LEGO Fortnite game mode has been massive in the battle royale. It’s a blend of building and survival that has gamers quite invested. You can create villages, farms, and communities with LEGO blocks but one of the most useful things to build may be a car so you can explore the world around you.

How to Build a Car in LEGO Fortnite

You will need specific building parts to create a working car in LEGO Fortnite. This includes:

  • Dynamic Foundation
  • Activation Switches
  • Large Thruster
  • Large Wheels
Building a lego car in LEGO Fortnite

Choose from a large number of style options when building your car

While some necessary parts will make your car functional, gamers have become quite creative with their builds. Some have even made their airships (on day one). If you want to make your basic car with steering, however, check out Burty’s guide on YouTube.

  1. Make sure you’re on a flat surface
  2. Go to Toys and get out a Dynamic Foundation
  3. Head to Building Parts, Walls, and then pick the Castle Half Wall
  4. Put the Castle Corner right in the center of the Castle Half Wall, one space backward on top of the Dynamic Foundation
  5. Put two more Castle Corners on both ends of the Castle Half Wall, a little further out
  6. This is followed by the Yellow Wall, which should be placed in between the Castle Corner that’s in the center and one of the Castle Corners on the outside of the wall. Do this on both sides
  7. Head to Fences, pick Elegant Railing, and put this right in front of the Castle Corners on top of the Dynamic Foundation — you’ll end up with four total, two on bottom and two on top of those
  8. Go to the outside of your vehicle and place Medieval Railings on the outside to help with the impact of a crash
  9. Put two Castle Corners on top of the last two Castle Corners you placed in between
  10. On top of the two stacks of Castle Corners, place Castle Floor 3, making sure they are centered and don’t touch each other
  11. Go to Toys and place Small Thrusters right under the Castle Floor 3 on the outside of the car
  12. Break the Castle Corners that are on the bottom of those two structures you made, collecting the granite
  13. In Toys, grab the Large Wheels and place four of them as you would on any LEGO vehicle
  14. Place a Large Thruster on the back of the vehicle
  15. Put another Activation Switch on the back as well
Build a car in Lego Fortnite

How to Steer a Car in LEGO Fortnite

You need Activation Switches to drive. To steer your car, you will need two Activation Switches on each side so you can use one to turn left and one to go right. Simply turn on the switch to pick the direction you want to go in.