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Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Update — Movement, LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing

LEGO Fortnite has taken over. Chapter 5 Season 1 brings huge changes to Fortnite and we break them all down

Chapter 5 Season 1 has received its first patch, bringing changes to LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival. Developers have also addressed some ongoing concerns from players ever since Chapter 5 Season 1 launched. Here’s what’s going on in-game.

Battle Royale and Zero Build Updates

When it comes to the main game modes, the biggest changes in v28.01.01 are related to movement. You’ll notice that crouching and running have been sped up. The animations have been changed to match the speed update as well. This update may seem small at first but the battle royale community has applauded it as a huge W.

LEGO Fortnite Updates

Lego fortnite headlines Season 1 update

While there are major content changes on the way for LEGO Fortnite, this update brought some much-needed quality-of-life changes. It may not be as interesting as Ninjago, but here are the LEGO Fortnite changes:

  • Snacks now recover more hunger bars in Fortnite v28.01.01 than previously.
  • Resolved issue where you could lose items when venturing underground.
  • The durability of non-Rare/non-Epic tools and weapons has increased by 30%. For Rare/Epic tools and weapons, the durability has increased by 60%.
  • Reduced damage of the Brute’s Poison area for all three Brute
  • Reduced damage of the Frost Scorpion explosion.
  • Sand Scorpions, Scorpions found in caves, regular Scorpions, Crabs on the shoreline, Sand Spiders, and Alpine Frost Spiders are slightly easier to defeat.
  • Rams now give Heavy Wool.
  • Grapplers now hold 30 charges.
  • Spiders won’t jumpscare you as often when turning over rocks.

Rocket Racing Updates

Fortnite v28.01.01 has also brought some fixes to Rocket Racing, the Rocket League inspired game mode that has taken the racing game community by storm. This includes changes to queue times and gameplay. Here are the updates:

  • Epic Games is working to make queue times more efficient in Ranked.
  • Collisions are less punishing and should not completely spin your car around.
  • Fixed issue where players would receive the Jackie Outfit when reaching Gold II (supposed to be Gold I).

Fortnite Festival Updates

Fortnite Festival is a rhythm game mode focused on music and jamming with friends. Here are some much-needed changes:

  • Fixed the issue where players would see an empty song library in the Main Stage after suspending Fortnite on their device.
  • Fall damage has been disabled in the Main Stage’s Backstage as of Fortnite v28.01.01.
  • Disabled Restart Song functionality due to an error that Epic is working to fix.
  • Fixed an issue where scores would be posted to the incorrect leaderboard.