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The 8 Ugliest Fortnite Skins That Haunt My Very Soul

There are so many cool crossovers and original skins in Fortnite, that it's no surprise that some have missed the mark. But these Fortnite skins REALLY miss the mark

Fortnite has an insane amount of skins thanks to its constant updates and wild crossovers. You’ll find Batman, Naruto, and Chun-Li all fighting on the same team. But not every skin that’s been added to Fortnite is desirable. Here are some of the lamest skins in Fortnite according to the battle royale community and my eyes.

Twistie & Bendie

twistie and bendie fortnite skins

I think these are supposed to be those inflatable dancing tube men that you see at car dealerships but they barely are recognizable. They just look like an ugly, bloated mess. Their mismatched eyes, hideous faces, and lame outfits are just not it. It looks like someone took a four-year-old’s drawings and decided to copy it completely without making any changes. You’ll never catch anyone wearing this skin in fear they will be targeted by other teams who just don’t want to see these idiots anymore.

Sinister Striker

Sinister Striker fortnite skin

Clearly a way to play off of the sweaty soccer skins, this ugly zombie version just didn’t hit the same. The atrocious Frankenstein-like guy with swamp-green skin in his plain, boring soccer uniform is just completely uninspired and hideous. With so many skins to choose from, why be this messy, lazy skin.

Hollow Head

Hollow Head fortnite skin

This is another lazy skin that looks like they just dumped a glowing pumpkin skull onto a repurposed, generic body. When it was released back in 2018, many noted that the cape was actually from the Ragnarok skin. It’s just a hodge podge of crap that the Fortnite team felt would work together and quickly created without any creativity.


I mean, do you really want to play Fortnite as an oversized garden gnome? Grimbles is just hideous, with his giant smile and shiny porcelain skin. His bushy eyebrows and stiff beard just add to my desire to punch him right in the smug face, hoping he’ll shatter. Whose grandma designed this skin and who do I have to send to a cheaper nursing home for this monstrosity?

Aerobic Assassin & Mullet Marauder


While the 80s are always a trendy and fun decade to get inspiration from, this is probably the lamest thing that could have come from it. Instead of looking at action movies, new wave, or hair metal, we get Richard Simmons’ backup fitness influencers. The Spandex Squad, as they are referred to, just isn’t relatable or memorable, with most Fortnite teenagers not even really knowing where to place this strange look. I’d be shocked if more than a handful of people ran around with these skins.


This Fortnite skin has been complained about time and time again because it cost 2,000 V-Bucks despite having no back bling or tool. Why would you pay that much for a mid Legendary skin that comes with nothing else? But let’s be real, even if this skin came with Willy Wonka’s golden ticket, who the hell is going to shell out real money for this hideous atrocity? Double it and give it to the next person so I don’t have to see his pouting red face and lame, spiky hair ever again.


Trog Fortnite skin

Ever wanted to look like a melting yeti that’s coming off of a massive trip? Well you could in Season 7 thanks to this ugly winter-themed skin. Instead of looking like an imposing cryptid, this skin looked like a dude with wrinkly, blue skin and too much body hair. The lack of nose and wildly placed pupils made the face even uglier to the point where I’d basically pay someone to never use this skin again in my presence. I’ll luckily never have to do that, however, because nobody is using this skin. Nobody.

The Devourer

Devourer fortnite skin

This lumpy, nonsense monster is just a bunch of barf shaped into a playable skin. It’s a hodgepodge of ugly features, like a wrinkly single eye, a split chin, and a fanged mouth. This is the kind of creature you’d find in a video game or horror movie that’s crawling on the ground of a lab begging for you to put it out of its misery. It looks like developers took a bunch of leftover concepts and lazily slapped them together and I will never forgive them.