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Some champions are undeniably more popular than others. But did you know that popular champions get extra love from developers, too? There are some champions who have many more skins than others, causing some players to accuse Riot of favoritism.

League of Legends stat tracker ExpressLOL recently shared some insight into one of the most enjoyable aspects of the MOBA: Skins. On Twitter, they shared a list of champions with the fewest amount of skins — some of which haven’t had a new skin in years — and now they are sharing the champions with the most skins.

You may not be too shocked.

Champions with the Most Skins in League of Legends

The champions with the most amount of skins are:

  • Lux — 19 skins
  • Miss Fortune — 19 skins
  • Ahri — 17 skins
  • Akali — 17 skins
  • Ezreal — 17 skins
  • Ashe — 16 skins
  • Katarina — 16 skins
  • Riven — 16 skins
  • Sivir — 16 skins
  • Vayne — 16 skins

The two champions with the most skins are Lux and Miss Fortune. You probably noticed, however, that all of the champions on this list are quite popular due to both their dominance on the Rift and their designs.

In fact, ExpressLOL pointed out that nine out of the 10 champions on the list are women. Of course, it’s no surprise that the most popular waifus in the game are given the most skins, since Riot knows that fans are willing to purchase them every time.

It’s even more obvious when you realize that there are more male champions in the game. Currently, there are 98 male champions and 62 female champions. Despite there being more male champions, developers are more likely to make skins for the female champions, especially the ones that get a lot of play and fan art.

“Last skin to Lux was five days ago, last skin to Mundo was 1692 days ago,” ExpressLOL tweeted. “I think it should tell you enough about Riot policy.”

“Waifus sell,” a gamer added.