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Whenever a new event comes around, League of Legends players will often get into arguments over why certain champions get skins while others don’t. Now, actual data has proven that what some players are saying is correct: There are definitely overlooked champions when it comes to skins.

During the latest event, Soul Fighter, a lot of fighting game-inspired skins were added to League of Legends and other Riot games. A lot of League players noticed, however, that it seemed like the same champions were getting skins over and over. It’s probably not too shocking that meta champions that see a lot of competitive play are given more skins for players to be tempted by, but some fans can’t help but feel bad for seemingly abandoned champions.

Here are the champions that have gone the longest without a new skin.

Which Champions Have Not Had Skins the Longest?

According to League stat tracker and freelancer ExpressLOL, these are the champions that have gone the longest without getting a new skin:

  • Dr. Mundo - 1693 days
  • Skarner - 974 days
  • Shyvana - 916 days
  • Alistar - 902 days
  • Rumble - 846 days
  • Vel'Koz - 832 days
  • Braum - 777 days
  • Corki - 755 days
  • Rammus - 755 days
  • Rengar - 734 days

The list is not shocking but seeing the actual numbers does bring the point home: There are some champions that are definitely getting a bit abandoned by developers.

Dr. Mundo is far and beyond the most ignored champion in the game, having gone almost 1,700 days without a new skin. He went a long while feeling clunky and useless but recently got a major rework. This has given him some action but apparently has not inspired anyone to make skins for him. His last skin came out in 2016.

The only champions that come close to Dr. Mundo’s level of abandonment are Skarner, Shyvanna, and Alistar, who all have gone without skins for over 900 days. This means they have not had a new skin designed for them in three years.

Skarner is expected to get a rework in early 2024 and gamers have also begged Riot to do a rework for Shyvana two years in a row. These champions have not been too popular on Summoner’s Rift but hopefully their reworks will change that. But will it prompt developers to make them skins? If Dr. Mundo is anything to go by, probably not — a rework is enough attention for now, apparently.

Meanwhile Lux has 20 skins and fans are predicting the popular champion will get another sometime soon. It will at least be before the champions on this list see any new skins, that’s for sure.