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  • G2 vs Gen.G League match proves to be close battle at MSI 2023.
  • G2 toplaner Brokenblade shares his hope that the LCK and LPL are beatable.
  • Who does Brokenblade believe is an underrated team at MSI 2023?
  • What is the next MSI Bracket Stage matchup?

There weren’t many expectations for G2 going into today’s series against Gen.G. Heading into the series, the preset expectation was that Gen.G would be able to easily 3-0 G2 and set themselves up for a likely match against T1 in the second round of the Upper Bracket.

And while this ultimately was the result, it wasn’t in the fashion that many were expecting. Throughout the four-game series, G2 challenged Gen.G in those final two games. They managed to fight back in the series by taking game three and nearly won the fourth game before Gen.G was able to ultimately close things out.

Truthfully, it was a heartbreaking loss for G2. Yet, despite losing the series against Gen.G, G2 top laner Sergen “Brokenblade” Çelik came out of that series brimming with confidence because that series was assurance that it is possible.

“We have to be crisp in how we respond to losses,” Brokenblade said. ‘We are bound to lose one or two games, which we did in this series against Gen.G.”

G2 Brokenblade on close Gen.G series at MSI 2023

He relayed that the series could have easily gone 3-0 in favor of Gen.G. Instead, G2 recouped in game three to make the series competitive which is something that made Brokenblade especially hopeful for their chances at MSI 2023.

“I’m very proud of my teammates for coming back and actually putting up a fight. I think it’s good for us because the lower bracket is a big long fight,” Brokenblade said. “We’re gonna have to play a lot of best-of-five series if we want to lift the trophy in the end so I’m excited.”

Despite the loss against Gen.G, there was a sense of increased confidence from the side of Brokenblade after the match. Instead of seeing the rest of the tournament as a learning experience, it instilled more confidence and affirmation that G2 and the rest of the Western teams could actually win.

“For me, every game felt winnable,” Brokenblade said. “Maybe the third game was a bit rough, but I think the game was in our realm to win so I’m very happy about that. We can win it.”

There is no secret that the LPL and the LCK stand above all other regions as the most competitive. Yet, despite this uphill battle for the LCS and LEC, Brokenblade believes that there is hope for Western teams to challenge or even overcome the Eastern League teams. One of the teams he has a lot of confidence for is NA first seed Cloud9.

“I think they(Cloud9) actually have a good shot of actually beating BLG because I think they play very good League of Legends,” Brokenblade said. “I think that the jungler plays aggressively and fearless so I am excited to see how they play on stage.”

What is the next MSI 2023 Bracket Stage match?

For now, G2 and Brokenblade will take a short break as they prepare themselves for what could be a very long run through the lower bracket.

In the meantime, MSI 2023 will continue tomorrow with MAD Lions taking on T1 to decide who will move forward in the Upper Bracket against Gen.G and who will be G2’s opponents in the Lower Bracket.

That match will take place tomorrow at 5am PT.