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Best League of Legends beginner junglers

  • What do junglers do in League of Legends?
  • What are jungle camps in League of Legends?
  • Who are the best beginner junglers in League of Legends?

If you are just starting out in League of Legends, you have probably come across the five different roles that you can choose to play. However, during your early days of learning the game, you have probably come across the jungle role and wondered, who and what is a jungler?

What do junglers do in League of Legends?

League of Legends Vi

Vi is a common jungler in League of Legends, but is she good for beginners?

The jungle role in League of Legends is quite different than any other role in League of Legends. While other roles like midlane, toplane, and botlane rely on killing minions in these three designated lanes, the same cannot be said for junglers.

Simply put, the primary duty of a League of Legends jungler is to kill jungle camps and gank (surprise attack).

What are jungle camps in League of Legends?

Jungle camps are designated areas that exist on the outskirts of the three designated lanes on Summoner’s Rift. However, unlike minions which appear in lane, jungle camps provide more gold while dealing more damage to you when trying to kill them.

Beginner junglers to learn in League of Legends

Now that we have all the basics of what a League of Legends jungler is, let’s dive into the best beginner junglers to pick up so you can be better equipped moving forward.


Amumu League of Legends

Amumu in League of Legends.

The sad mummy makes for a great start to this list of beginner junglers in LoL because of his beginner-friendly abilities. His bandage toss (Q) is really useful for closing the distance on enemy champions while his Curse of the Sad Mummy (R) works amazingly as a stun during team fights and kills.

Additionally, Amumu’s tankiness helps new players clear jungle camps without losing too much health compared to other junglers. Overall, Amumu is a great choice for new LoL junglers looking to gain a better understanding of how to balance jungle camps and ganks.

Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao League of Legends

Xin Zhao in League of Legends.

Xin Zhao is an amazing champion to pick up for beginner junglers because of his versatility and easy-to-learn win conditions. Simply put, all you have to do as Xin Zhao is run in and activate your abilities. He is an excellent early-game jungler that can help allies get kills because of his great damage pre-level six. Once he is level six, he is an even greater threat to enemy champions because of his Ultimate’s ability to block projectiles.

Xin Zhao is great for beginner junglers because he can clear jungle camps really fast and sustain a lot of damage in the jungle when clearing. You have free reign to build him as a damage threat or take a safer option by using him as a tank. Overall, Xin Zhao is easy, flexible, and a great champion for beginner junglers to start jungling with.

Master Yi

Master Yi League of Legends

Master Yi in League of Legends.

Master Yi is a champion that is amazing for beginner junglers that want to carry games through multiple pentakills in League of Legends. While you may struggle with low health bars while jungling as Master Yi, he is great for beginner junglers because of his damage in the late game.

Additionally, all you have to do during a gank as Master Yi is Alpha Strike (Q) into enemy champions and auto-attack. It’s quite literally that simple to play Master Yi. Once you reach the later stages of the game, you will be unstoppable by just running in and pressing Q.

He’s a great beginner jungler for new players looking to deal high-damage numbers which is why he lands on this list.


warwick league of legends

Warwick in League of Legends.

Warwick is a great beginner jungler because of his sustainability against jungle camps. Warwick has a very healthy clear because of his Jaws of the Beast (Q) ability. Additionally, Warwick is able to stay alive in team fights because of his naturally tanky stats which make for easy team fight engagements.

Finally, Warwick has an ultimate ability that is amazing at picking up almost guaranteed kills. All you have to do is walk up to a lane and use it on an enemy champion. All of these reasons are why he is great for beginner junglers.


Sejuani League of Legends

Sejuani in League of Legends.

Sejuani is one of the easiest beginner junglers to pick up in League of Legends because of her tankiness and ability to clear jungle camps with ease. She is a very easy jungler to learn because the execution for ganks is really easy. All you have to do is charge in and hit the enemy champions while your laners pick up the kill. Then you go back into the jungle and continue to repeat the process.

Sejuani is a great tanky jungler for beginner junglers that lean toward a safe and supportive playstyle. She is great for new junglers learning the ropes of the game.

Closing remarks for beginner junglers in League of Legends

As a final note, use this article as a reference point for your beginnings as a LoL jungler. However, if you like a certain champion that is not on this list, still pick up those champions if you think they look fun. These are just our personal recommendations of what champions you should pick up to get better at learning the jungle role.

The most important part of everything is that you continue to have fun while playing League of Legends. With that, let us know what you think of our picks for beginner junglers in LoL and if you agree.

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