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This LoL Pro's Glow-Up has Kpop Stans Salivating

Kpop fans are freaking out over Hans Sama's glow-up in Worlds 2023 promo material

A League of Legends player is trending in South Korea — but not for his skill in the Rift.

Steven "Hans Sama" Liv is currently a bot laner for G2 Esports, known for his aggression and incredible play under pressure. He’s often considered one of the top players from the EU but that’s not why he’s popular in South Korea right now.

A K-pop media outlet recently sent out a headline that claimed South Korean online communities have been obsessing over Hans Sama for his “glow up.” The two featured photos show Hans Sama looking sort of like a K-pop idol on the right thanks to his hairstyle.

“Him taking off his glasses and getting rid of his hair dye was the best thing he did,” one fan wrote.

Another added: “He looks like a K-pop idol now.”

Over in North America, the headline had some League of Legends fans cackling. Some joked that it was similar to an early 2000s rom-com where he simply took off his glasses and changed his hair, resulting in him being considered attractive. A lot of fans added that he was already cute beforehand.

But it looks like South Korean fans are not commenting on his looks and are more talking about his style. Many noted that changing his style made all the difference.

"He did a good job by changing his style. He looks so much better now,” one wrote.

Some American fans agreed, with one tweeting that they thought the same when they saw him on stage at Worlds. One called the change “impeccable” and another joked he could join an idol group if League of Legends ever doesn’t work out for him.

It was summed up perfectly by one fan who tweeted that he went from “handsome nerd” to “superstar.”

Did Hans Sama Get Surgery?

While most people feel that Hans Sama’s glow-up is due to his hairstyle and aesthetic changes, others are curious if he had surgery.

Some people feel that his facial structure and features look different, including a sharper jawline and a more narrow nose. But this could be simply due to PhotoShop or a camera angle.

Either way, Hans Sama is definitely getting attention for more than his talent in-game.