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Disney Lorcana TCG Reprints Coming Sooner Than Expected, Official Tournaments to Follow

The official Disney Lorcana Twitter account has revealed that reprints are coming sooner than previously expected.

The Disney Lorcana TCG had a more hectic launch than was previously predicted by Ravensburger. The products flew off shelves almost instantly, leaving many collectors and competitors wanting more. To help people complete their decks and collections, Ravensburger previously promised that reprints would be coming in early 2024.

Now, it’s looking to be a lot sooner.

Where to Get Booster Pack Restocks For Disney Lorcana

On Twitter, Disney Lorcana announced that the booster pack restocks promised for October were rolling out as planned. They are coming to local game stores — hobby shops and card shops — in North America starting this week.

You’ll want to start contacting local shops to see if they are going to have more The First Chapter booster packs available the following few weeks.

Even better, The First Chapter booster reprints have been moved up. They will begin shipping mid-November in North America, bringing booster packs to big retailers and online stores much sooner than expected.

“We hope that this reprint quantity will make the game more readily available,” the tweet read. “Our goal is for fans to have no difficulty finding product to get started.”

Disney Lorcana Pinocchio reveal

Official Disney Lorcana Tournaments Incoming

The reprints are coming just in time for the next big Disney Lorcana announcement. Starting in the spring of 2024, there will be “official fan events and an official competitive circuit.” This means there will be events for casual Disney fans to share their passion with each other as well as more competitive events beyond the League Play events.

The tweet read: “Competitive events will be the premiere place for Disney Lorcana TCG players to prove themselves. You can also expect exclusives for each of these types of events, and we will share more details in January 2024.”

Ravensburger added that there will be regular tournament guideline updates as they receive global player feedback in an attempt to make the competitive play the “best experience we can.”

For now, competitive players can continue with local and unofficial events as they await the details in January of 2024. Now is the time to grab more cards and start practicing decks, especially when Rise of the Floodborn arrives to shake up the meta.

A lot of players are also wondering about the judge program, which will allow serious players to judge official tournaments and get more involved with the circuit. Information was previously going to be shared by the end of this year but Ravensburger hasn’t confirmed any changes.