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Disney Lorcana Cards Are Getting Reprinted and the TCG Community Is Not Having It

Ravensburger has released details about the next run of Disney Lorcana product and players are not thrilled with the gameplan

It’s no secret that Disney Lorcana cards are hard to come by, especially if you want to buy some in person. To combat this, Ravensburger has just announced the gameplan for getting more cards into more stores.

The First Chapter booster packs are only available at a handful of Disney locations across the United States and most local shops don’t have any cards in stock. And if they do, the prices are pretty hiked up.

Now, Ravensburger is hoping to address this growing issue.

Where to Get Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter Cards

On Twitter, the official Disney Lorcana account announced that there are some first steps in place for getting more product into the market as demand grows rapidly.

First, Ravensburger explained that the goal is for more fans to be able to purchase Disney Lorcana product at the “suggest retail price.” The tweet continued to explain that they would continue to do what it takes to ensure availability so the market can remain healthy for collectors and competitors alike.

How will Ravensburger do this?

“Additional booster product will start arriving in North American local game stores in October,” Disney Lorcana tweeted. “We are also reprinting Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter, which will be available starting in Q1 2024 in North America and Europe.”

The response has been mixed. While some have applauded Ravensburger for addressing the growing concerns over scare product, others have questioned the brand’s integrity. One store owner asked if the October shipment was going to be what was promised to stores in the past and never delivered, or if it was something entirely separate? Would stores be getting both?

Collectors were also up in arms, claiming that reprinting The First Chapter cards would destroy the value of the cards they’d painstakingly collected over the last few weeks. One fan asked Ravensburger to make the reprints “second editions” to differentiate them from the first edition cards that have already been released, essentially making the original batch of cards more desirable to collectors.

One Disney Lorcana collector even called the decision to print more cards a “mistake.” This was a heavily debated take on Twitter, with some card collectors agreeing and others stating that it’s a “game” that should have as many cards available as possible without making some worth more than others.

Either way, collectors and players alike will be able to get their hands on more Disney Lorcana cards in the coming months. This will hopefully help kickstart the competitive side of the game as more local shops get access to booster packs and tournament support.