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Mortal Kombat 1 is out and you’ve probably seen the crazy combos and intense Fatalities by now. But it may be a bit overwhelming for someone who is new to the fighting game and doesn’t want to get yelled at for button mashing. Luckily there are some characters on the roster who are easy to learn so you can start mastering a main before locals begin.


Scorpion character art

Scorpion is an OG character that is known for his brutal fire and spear-based attacks. He is powerful and has great range, making him a very balanced character for beginners who want to cover all bases. His combos are pretty easy to learn as well, using his spear to continue violent chains of attacks.


Sub Zero character art MK1

Similar to Scorpion, this classic character has iconic attacks that make him a fan-favorite but his ice abilities are also very well-rounded. Sub-Zero is great for beginners because he has a lot of defensive-heavy moves, using his ice to stun opponents or get away from incoming attacks — and most are easy to use.


Baraka character art mk1

Baraka is known for being pretty reliable in most situations, making him a great pick for beginners. His arm blades provide you with some impressively long-reaching normal attacks, making you a force to be reckoned with at short range. He also has a lot of tricky mix-ups so you can stay ahead of enemies once you learn a few different moves. With multi-hit special moves and good projectiles, Baraka has an answer to everything and everyone.


Reptile character art MK1

Fans have been very excited for the return of Reptile, who has an awesome new background and appearance. His transformation and special moves are easy to master so you’ll be able to do some significant damage without struggling. Meanwhile, Reptile has pretty good range so you can have control over your enemies with ease.

Liu Kang

Liu kang character art in mk1

This martial artist has a great blend of physical strength and supernatural powers that create a balanced kit for beginners. From afar, Liu Kang has some quick projectiles and a flying kick that gets you across the screen. You also have great strikes while face-to-face with enemies, allowing you to have options no matter where you are.

Johnny Cage

Johnny Cage character art in MK1

With his classic Nut Punch, Johnny Cage is consistently entertaining thanks to his desire to be a Hollywood star. By taunting your opponent you can build a Star Meter that leads to a special move when full. Aside from that, Johnny is effective at mid-range thanks to his surprise attacks. You may struggle at a distance, however, so you will need to learn positioning to keep your upper hand.


Raiden character art in MK1

This time around, Raiden is fighting amongst Earthrealm’s champion as a Shaolin. He does a ton of damage and covers a lot of space in Mortal Kombat 1, making him automatically tough to contend with. You have a lot of attacks that launch enemies into the air, putting you at an advantage and setting them up for bloody combos with ease.

Kung Lao

Kung Lao character art in mk1

This fighter has a straightforward moveset, making him easy to understand if you’re new to fighting games. His blade hat and martial arts create a fluid fighting style that has you constantly fighting aggressively. You’ll often have the advantage due to his speed. You’ll have to master his hat attacks, however, since they aren’t as intuitive to use.

Li Mei

Li Mei character art mk1

This lesser-known character is back with some tricky attacks that are hard for enemies to predict. Since Li Mei is so hard to block, she is great for beginners who want to have a fair chance against more familiar players. Hit low and overhead to switch it up, keeping in mind that Li Mei also excels in the air thanks to interesting aerial attacks.


Kitana character art mk1

With her iconic razor-lined fans, Kitana has a lot of mid-range and long-range answers that give her the advantage. From afar, Kitana has a lot of projectiles that are tough to block. Her mid-range moves also move her forward, bringing you closer to your enemies before they can react. The issue is that Kitana doesn’t do as much damage as others on the list.