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Mortal Kombat 1 — 5 Best Kameo Fighters, Ranked

Kameo Fighters radically changed the game for MK1, but picking the right kameo fighter can make or break your success in-game. Find out which kameo fighters offer the most to your character

Mortal Kombat 1's addition of Kameo fighters has made for an interesting change to the game's meta. For this game, not only do players need to concern themselves with how best to play the Kombatants they use as their mains, but also how their Kameo Fighters can enhance each battle. There are a variety of different Kameo Fighters to choose from, each with their own unique blend of abilities and techniques, some that add more HP to your overall count, and others that add strategic importance but make your overall matches a bit more difficult.

If you're just starting out with Kameo Fighters, it can be difficult to evaluate just which ones will work best for your play style. You might find that a straightforward barrage of damage or a surprise throw works well for you, or you might prefer a Kameo Fighter that stays on the screen for a lengthier attack. It can take some time to get to know each Kameo Fighter and how they work for you, so we've ranked the best Kameo Fighters available to get you started.

Kameo fighters Sareena

The best Kameo Fighters in Mortal Kombat 1


Sareena assist in MK1

Sareena is one of the simplest Kameo Fighters to use for both beginners and seasoned veterans. Having her as a partner means a quick-recharging projectile that can be hurled at each of your opponents in the blink of an eye. Combined with that move and her blade-centric back attack that drags opponents closer to players, she's an absolute beast when it comes to putting players with too much of a focus on zoning back in their place. And she's not only useful when she's on-screen. 

She can also help to rapidly drain your opponent's meter charges by way of a special ring, which will continue usurping power from an overzealous opponent even as you focus on other things. Sareena is an excellent choice as a beginner Kameo Fighter and complements most Kombatants.


Darrius assist in mk1

Darrius is the perfect Kameo Fighter for playing in tandem with. While your Kombatant is on-screen dealing damage, you can call him forth to extend combos with his special move that lets Kombatants swing him by the legs into unsuspecting enemies. He remains onscreen for what feels like an eternity, sprinkling a variety of attacks while active on opponents to keep them from getting too close. 

Veterans will be able to play with him as more of a second character or an extension of their fighters, but for beginners who need a Kameo Fighter that can make them feel powerful, Darrius is a great option.


Cyrax assist mk1

This Kameo Fighter will undoubtedly go down as one of the best in the game due to his versatility. You don't need to have clocked hours in Mortal Kombat 1 to put him to good use, and you don't really need to pair him with a specific Kombatant to see him flourish, either. His abilities make for powerful, simple assists. Not only can he use his self-destruct ability to completely obliterate opponents, but he can throw nets, employ the devastating Cyrax-copter for some airborne damage, and more. Just recruit Cyrax and get ready to devastate your opponent.


Scorpion assist in mortal kombat 1

Another fire user, Scorpion's usefulness as a Kameo Fighter is a lot like the reason we recommend Sektor. If you prefer to spend time juggling opponents in the air, Scorpion's fire breath is an ability you need on your side. He can send two fireballs hurtling toward your enemy, which can help you to continue racking up combo points. 

His signature "pull" can be useful as well, especially since your opponent gets stabbed on a spear-like shish kebab, but it also makes for a fun spectacle that again drives home what a nuanced game Mortal Kombat 1 can truly be. And everyone likes seeing other fighters burned to a crisp.


Sektor assist in mk1

How many Kameo Fighters have a rip-roaring flamethrower at their disposal? Exactly. It's Sektor's greatest draw and one of the biggest reasons you should get to know how best to employ his skills in battle. 

While his teleport punch and missile are useful to ensure you have the upper hand when it comes to momentum, his flamethrower can help you extend combos and keep your opponent from getting too close as well as deal an exorbitant amount of damage. Everything Sektor is capable of is focused on wrangling unruly opponents. Used wisely, adding Sektor into the mix can be a total game-changer.