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MK's Pro Kompetition Announces $255k Prize Pool

Mortal Kombat esports is back in a big way with a huge prize pool

NetherRealm Games, the makers of Mortal Kombat announced their plans for MK1’s official esports circuit for this year. The Pro Kompetition 2023/2024 is taking a page out of Capcom’s book, combining both in-person and online events to get the largest number of participants for the circuit. With a prize pool of $255,000, the Pro Kompetition will be the most ambitious MK bracket to date. The event will culminate next year at the Final Kombat World Championships next year which features a new World Cup-style group stage.

Qualification for Final Kombat isn’t unlike what we’ve seen from other publishers like Arc System Works and Bandai Namco. The tourney will use Global Leaderboard points to determine who makes it to the big dance next year. Players will earn those points based on their placement in a series of offline and online events. According to NRS, only the top three players at offline events will earn points and the top two for offline. So only the best of the best will see themselves in prime position for qualification.

What is the Pro Kompetition Format

There are four in-person events that serve as qualifiers for the final bracket starting with East Coast Throwdown later this month. The other three are Ultimate Fighting Arena in France CCXP/Comic-Con in Brazil and Combo Breaker in Illinois next year. NRS has also created their own regional system which consists of:

  • North American League (US/Canada)
  • Interkontinental Kombat (Europe, Oceania and the Middle East)
  • Liga Latina (Mexico, Brazil, South America East & West)

The top eight players from each of these regions will go to a regional final to duke it out for their place at Final Kombat.

In the lead-up to the Championship, players will have one final chance to make it into the final competition with a Last Chance Qualifier. This 200+ person bracket will seed only one winner into the Group Stage for Final Kombat. Once the draw is complete all the winners from qualifications, will be split into four groups of five. They’ll play each other in a round-robin with the top two players from each group making it into the top 8. At that point, it’s the usual double elimination bracket to determine this year’s Mortal Kombat Champion.