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G2 Esports Continues to Grow with Rocket League and DOTA 2

G2 Esports continues its plans for domination of global esports entertainment as it makes two new partnerships in Rocket League and DOTA 2.

G2 Esports Partners Up with Stride for Rocket League and Invictus Gaming for DOTA 2

  • G2 and Stride Esports are partnering to create a tournament platform in Rocket League.
  • G2 and Invictus Gaming are teaming up to create G2’s first DOTA 2 team and its first Chinese team, G2.iG.
  • G2 now participates in 9 different esports titles including; DOTA 2, League of Legends, VALORANT, Counter Strike, Rainbow Six, Rocket League, Wild Rift, Sim Racing and Call of Duty,

G2 Esports continues to expand and prove that their efforts to become a global entertainment brand in the esports space is a force to be reckoned with. After having just announced their partnership with the Version1 Ownership Group to handle the Minnesota Røkkr, G2 Esports is also joining forces with Stride Esports in the Rocket League Space and Invictus Gaming in China for DOTA 2.

G2, Stride and Rocket League

G2 Esports and Stride are partnering up to create a new tournament circuit in the Rocket League scene. The plan is for this circuit to help elevate players of skill levels whether amateur pro.

“Creating a partnership that provides opportunities for young players to learn and engage in esports with a recognized team like G2 will have an incredible impact,” commented Karen Ghidotti, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Stride. “Over more than two decades, Stride has impacted the lives of more than 2 million K-12 students, and we want to continue to bring unique learning opportunities to life.”

Stride.GG is a premium tournament platform that has been providing comprehensive esports solutions and tools for gamers helping to foster the growth of future esports in North America. Their partnership with G2 Esports will be the first time teaming up with an esports team.

The partnership will also see a Rocket League super team formed focusing on locating and training promising young, talented players. The two newest additions to this roster are ex-Version1 players Daniel and Beastmode.

G2, Invictus Gaming and DOTA2

North American isn’t the only place G2 Esports is making moves and expanding its influence. In China they’ve partnered up with Invictus Gaming and entered the DOTA 2 space. This will be G2 Esports first entry into China as they partner with Invictus Gaming to launch G2’s first DOTA 2 team G2.iG.

This is a major step for G2 Esports who already have a substantial fanbase in China, but until now, there was no local team for their fans to support. With the addition of their DOTA 2 team, they give the fans this opportunity and add yet another esport roster to their incredibly long list of gaming rosters.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for G2 as we continue our global expansion. We could not have found a better partner in iG - we can’t wait to start this alliance together and build our footprint in China,” said Alban Dechelotte, Chief Executive Officer of G2 Esports. “China has continuously been a priority market for us and we’re happy to finally field a local team for our millions of Chinese fans to support.