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How To Sign Up For 2XKO Playtests

The game formerly known as Project L could have a beta in the hands of players in 2024. Find out how to sign up for 2XKO playtests

In a flurry of content, Riot Games finally gave us an official name and release window for its highly anticipated fighting game, 2XKO. In addition to its name, 2XKO's executive producer, Tom Cannon, also that the game would receive a number of LAN playtests and (possibly) at home betas leading up to its release next year. Sign-ups for 2XKO play tests are currently open, here's how you sign up.

Be One Of The First

To lock in your chance to potentially play 2XKO at home you'll have to head over to the official website at From there, you'll have to fill out a short survey where you can fill out your level of experience with fighting games as well as your platform of choice. After that, it's all up to chance. As of now, there's no indication of when the playtests will occur or how many people or platforms the play tests will be held on.

2XKO name reveal

Right now, the only way to get a shot at playing 2XKO is to attend Evo Japan in Tokyo this April. Considering the splash the game made last year at Evo in Las Vegas, it would be a big shock if the game didn't return to the show floor for this year's tournament as well.

Where Can You Play 2XKO?

Also confirmed in Cannon's video were the platforms that 2XKO will appear on. And much to everyone's benefit the game will appear on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Given Riot's history with its flagship game, League of Legends, PC players should expect the game to release at the same time as consoles as well.