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Ludwig Talks Retirement at The Streamer Awards 2024

Ludwig is one of the most popular streamers out there right now. But maybe that fame happened too fast. Ludwig hinted at retirement at The Streamer Awards 2024.

Popular streamer Ludwig Ahgren made some shocking statements on stage at The Streamer Awards last night that have fans left a bit worried for his future as a content creator. 

Ludwig won Best Streamed Event at the award show on February 17 for the Creator Dodgeball World Championship. This popular stream was a hit with fans of the content creation community who got to see some big names touch some grass and get hit with balls. 

The award came as a surprise to Ludwig, however. He said: "This is a surprise because last year was my worst year as a creator, self described. I did fail to run a Chess Box game but still somehow lost $200K in that process... It's still flattering to receive this award." 

But that wasn't his only shocking statement. 

Ludwig Hints At Retirement From Content Creation

Seeming to be a bit down after his rough 2023, Ludwig admitted that he is already feeling a bit run down from the streamer life. 

"I hope I am still able to make cool shit. I'm gonna say right now, I got five years left in me maximum... So I hope, in that time, I do some cool shit," Ludwig said to a surprised audience. 

Ludwig had a very abrupt and fast skyrocket to content creator fame. He started streaming on Twitch part-time in 2018 and then held a first-of-its-kind subathon in 2021 that lasted 31 days, resulting in 282,191 subscribers. This beat Tyler "Ninja" Blevin's record at the time and also put Ludwig into the spotlight. 

Since then, Ludwig has become a big name in the streaming community. He not only continues to stream but hosts a lot of events and dabbled in a lot of business ventures. This includes Money Mogul, joining Charles "MoistCr1T1K4L" White in owning Moist Esports, and creative studio Offbrand where he helps streamers with projects and events. 

It appears that all of this sudden fame, responsibility, and content has left Ludwig possibly burnt out. Hopefully, Ludwig will keep streaming for fans but it's looking like he might only have a few more years left in him.