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Palworld — 10 Things I Wish I Knew When Starting

Here is everything you need to know before starting your journey into Palworld including tips, advice, and everything the game doesn't tell you.

How to Play Palworld, Pokémon with Guns, Tips, Tricks and Essential Knowledge

Developer Pocketpair found lightning in a bottle with 2024's first breakout hit, Palworld, or as the meme squad refers to it, Pokémon with guns. It creates a fun and satisfying gaming experience by blending the aesthetics and creature collecting of Pokémon with the gathering, crafting, and survival of games like Minecraft and Valheim.

In just one week Palworld sold over 8 Million copies on Steam despite only being in Early Access. While more and more gamers are jumping into Palpagos, here are some essential tips for those just beginning to make your adventures go a bit more smoothly.