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How to Find and Use Leather in Palworld

Leather is a valuable resource in Palworld and it's luckily easy to come across. Per usual, you'll just have to hurt a few Pals to find it.

Leather is one of the most-used resources in Palworld, allowing you to make a wide range of much-needed items. Here's how to find leather in Palworld. 

You'll soon find that most resources in Palworld require a bit of violence to gather. Similar to collecting Pal Fluid, you'll need to take down some Pals if you want to get leather. 

How to Find Leather in Palworld

If you want to gather leather in Palworld, you need to capture or kill specific Pals. Not all Pals will drop leather but here are the ones that will drop this valuable resource: 

  • Foxparks
  • Fuack
  • Rooby
  • Vixy
  • Rushoar
  • Nox
  • Fuddler
  • Direhowl
  • Mossanda
  • Melpaca
  • Eikthyrdeer (Terra)
  • Nitewing
  • Ribunny
  • Incineram
  • Chillet
  • Univolt
  • Pyrin (Noct)
  • Reindrix
  • Kitsun
  • Tombat
  • Katress
  • Mammorest (Cryst)
Palworld Pal leather


Some good locations for farming leather quickly and early on in the game is the Sea Breeze Archipelago Church and Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster. You'll find a lot of the above Pals in these locations, spawning frequently. 

You can also purchase leather from wandering merchants if you have enough Gold to exchange. 

When You Need Leather — Leather Recipes

Once you feel you have enough leather, you can start crafting some items. You'll find that a lot of recipes in Palworld call for leather, providing you with a variety of benefits on your next adventure. 

Here are the recipes and items that call for leather: 

  • Arsox Saddle
  • Astegon Saddle
  • Average Feed Bag
  • Azurobe Saddle
  • Beakon Saddle
  • Blazamut Saddle
  • Blazehowl Noct Saddle
  • Blazehowl Saddle
  • Broncherry Aqua Saddle
  • Broncherry Saddle
  • Chillet Saddle
  • Cold Resistant Metal Armor
  • Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor
  • Cold Resistant Pelt Armor
  • Cold Resistant Refined Metal Armor
  • Daedream's Necklace
  • Dazzi's Necklace
  • Digtoise's Headband
  • Dinossom Lux Saddle
  • Dinossom Saddle
  • Direhowl's Saddled Harness
  • Eikthyrdeer Saddle
  • Eikthyrdeer Terra Saddle
  • Elphidran Saddle
  • Explorer Cap
  • Faleris Saddle
  • Fenglope Saddle
  • Flopie's Necklace
  • Foxpark's Harness
  • Frostallion Noct Saddle
  • Frostallion Saddle
  • Galeclaw's Gloves
  • Giant Feed Bag
  • Grintale Saddle
  • Hangyu Cryst's Glove
  • Hangyu's Gloves
  • Heat Resistant Metal Armor
  • Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor
  • Heat Resistant Pelt Armor
  • Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armor
  • Helzephyr Saddle
  • Huge Feed Bag
  • Ice Kingpaca Saddle
  • Ice Reptyro Saddle
  • Jetragon's Missile Launcher
  • Jormuntide Ignis Saddle
  • Jormuntide Saddle
  • Kingpaca Saddle
  • Kitsun Saddle
  • Large Feed Bag
  • Leather Chair Set
  • Legendary Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor
  • Legendary Cold Resistant Refined Metal Armor
  • Legendary Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor
  • Legendary Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armor
  • Legendary Metal Armor
  • Legendary Pelt Armor
  • Mammorest Cryst Saddle
  • Mammorest Saddle
  • Maraith Saddle
  • Melpaca Saddle
  • Metal Armor
  • Necromus Saddle
  • Nitewing Saddle
  • Pal Metal Armor
  • Paladius Saddle
  • Pelt Armor
  • Pyrin Noct Saddle
  • Pyrin Saddle
  • Quivern Saddle
  • Ragnahawk Saddle
  • Rayhound Saddle
  • Refined Metal Armor
  • Reindrix Saddle
  • Reptyro Saddle
  • Rushoar Saddle
  • Shadowbeak Saddle
  • Small Feed Bag
  • Surfent Saddle
  • Surfent Terra Saddle
  • Suzaku Aqua Saddle
  • Suzaku Saddle
  • Sweepa Saddle
  • Tocotoco's Gloves
  • Tricorne
  • Univolt Saddle
  • Vanwyrm Cryst Saddle
  • Vanwyrm Saddle
  • Water Elphidran Saddle
  • Wumpo Botan Saddle
  • Wumpo Saddle