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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze Delay Shocks Community

Despite the Rainbow Six Siege community anxiously awaiting the arrival of Year 8 Season 4, it looks like it may be a bit longer than expected.
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Rainbow Six Siege players were getting hype for Season 4, otherwise known as Deep Freeze, especially after getting a bunch of teasers and a road map. But developers have pulled the rug on the community by announcing a delay — the day the season was supposed to drop.

On Twitter, developers stated: “We have decided to postpone the release of Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 8 Season 4, Operation Deep Freeze, for further testing to ensure the best possible experience for players.”

A new date was not given just yet.

Rainbow Six Siege Players Respond To Operation Deep Freeze Delay

The delay was met with frustration from Rainbow Six Siege players — not a surprise. While some voiced that a delay is okay, especially if developers want to make sure things are running smoothly, the lack of communication was not okay with most gamers.

Telling gamers the day of the drop that the season was no longer happening was not a hit with players.

Over on Xbox, Ubisoft admitted that the Season 4 patch was actually made available on accident despite the delay. Developers stated that they were going to look into the “best course of action” to correct the issue.

A few hours later they wrote: “An update for Rainbow Six Siege on Xbox has been performed in order to return the game to the current live version. This update will allow Xbox players to matchmake once the download has been installed.+

Operation Deep Freeze Rainbow Six Siege update

We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences and confusion caused today, and will continue to keep everyone updated on the new release date as soon as we can.”

The gaming community was blown away. Some admitted that they even skipped class and work to play Season 4 only to find out it was delayed the day of. The chaos was definitely apparent as Rainbow Six Siege fans expressed frustration with how it was all handled.