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Rainbow Six Siege Y8S3 Mid-Season Roadmap Update

The Year Eight Mid-season Roadmap Update for Rainbow Six Siege has been revealed, as per usual the update provides players with what they can expect in the upcoming weeks and months.

As with every season Ubisoft announces new content to both Rainbow Six Siege’s in-game and esports scene they provide fans with an updated roadmap aimed at ensuring transparency on any upcoming features. On November 2nd the Y8S3 Mid-Season Roadmap Update was published, here is everything that was cited by Ubisoft:

[Main Feature] New Map

  • Status: Confirmed for Y8S4

Ubisoft has announced an exciting addition to the Rainbow Six Siege map lineup. The new map has been built on the foundation of verticality with carefully designed layouts and fresh avenues for “strategic possibilities like never before!”. More news on the map will be shown on the Y8S4 reveal panel.

Roadmap for year 8 in rainbow six siege


  • Status: Confirmed for Y8S4

Although not many details have been revealed this season will incorporate a new versus AI Playlist tailored to “let new players sharpen their skills against specially AI-trained Defender bots”.


  • Status: BETA confirmed during Y8S4

A massive overhaul of Shields is on the horizon, Ubisoft cited that Shields have been a huge part of the core Rainbow Six Siege gameplay experience since the beginning and has acknowledged that sometimes they seemed unbalanced. They have also committed to “integrating shields seamlessly into gameplay without compromising immersion”. These changes are being done from zero, redesigning ballistic shields while also trying to retain a unique playstyle that is both immersive and balanced. The first iteration of this revamped mechanism, available later during Y8S4 on the Lab TS.


  • Status: Confirmed for Y8S4

The long-requested feature for console players is upon us. Aimed at improving players’ comfort while playing on consoles, in Y8S4 Ubisoft will be providing an easy way to completely customize your controller inputs. Another change based on feedback that will be implemented later in the season for console players is a new action to allow leaning while hip-firing.


  • Status: Confirmed for Y8S4

As previously mentioned in the last Siege Classified: Balancing, Frag Grenades have become too overpowered in the current meta and currently influence Operator choices to a point that “tilts the balance between primary and secondary gadgets in an unbalanced way”. Ubisoft has examined Frag Grenades' usage and aims to rebalance their impact to be more on par with all the other Secondary Gadgets. More news about Frag Grenades balance changes will be shared during the reveal panel.


  • Status: Coming in Y9

Ubisoft has announced that they have reviewed and will be adding more Ranked requirements to reinforce and ensure that players can enjoy a balanced competitive experience, both with and against similarly skilled players. Not specific requirements have been cited so far.


  • Status: Cancelled

Privacy Mode on consoles was a feature heavily desired by the community and one that was being developed by Ubisoft however due to “external challenges that came up late in the process” as well as “new privacy features have been made available inside of the console ecosystem itself” they have made the decision to stop the development of the feature until further notice.

Ubisoft has reinforced that Player Protection is still a top priority internally and more plans regarding this issue will be announced in the coming weeks.