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Everything We Know About Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze

Operation Deep Freeze closes out Year 8 for Rainbow Six Siege with a ton of new content

Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 is ending with a bang. Operation Deep Freeze is the fourth and final season of Year 8, bringing a new operator, map, and even more to Rainbow Six Siege. Here is everything we know about the upcoming season.

When Is Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4 Operation Deep Freeze Released?

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze is coming on November 28, 2023.

Operation Heavy Mettle is ending on November 27. When it ends, the next season will pick up almost immediately.

Rainbow Six Siege New Operator

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze is bringing a new operator, Tubarao. As predicted based on previous leaks and teasers, Tubarao is from Portugal. He belongs to the Wolfguard group along with operators like Doc and Twitch.

Tubarao will come with a gadget known as the Zoto Canister. This throwable device sticks to surfaces and releases a freezing gas. Able to deactivate gadgets and expose footprints, it’s a blend of intel gathering and disruption, making Tubarao a defensive operator.

Here are the basics:

  • 2 Health 2 Speed defender
  • Primary weapons: MPX and AR-15.50
  • Secondary weapons: P226 and MK 25
  • Primary gadget: Zoto Canister x4
  • Secondary gadgets: Nitro Cell and Proximity Alarm
New operator in Operation Deep Freeze

Rainbow Six Siege New Map

To continue representing the new theme, the new map Lair appears to also take place in Portugal. A secret headquarters located in a giant cave, it features four bomb sites and a lot of entry points. Defenders will need to learn the map inside and out in order to find the right angles and strategies to hold off attackers. Tubarao should help.

Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace Beta

Y8S4 is introducing a new concept known as Marketplace. This will allow you to trade items with other Rainbow Six players using in-game Credits. Marketplace will launch as a beta in Y8S4, allowing you to trade skins, headgear, and more.

Get access here.

Rainbow Six Siege Getting Defender AI Playlist

Operation Deep Freeze is replacing Terrorist Hunt with Defender AI, a playlist that allows you to play solo or with four teammates. You’ll be a team of five facing off against five AI enemies in an attempt to reflect casual matches.

Frag Grenade Rework in Y8S4

Developers have made some big changes to frag grenades in Operation Deep Freeze. Frag grenades will work similarly to stun grenades, fusing two seconds after bouncing off a surface. The hope is that frag grenades will become a primary utility now that you can’t yellow ping a spot beneath the floor.