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Everything We Know About Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 So Far

Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 is coming up. Here's everything we know about the possible content, operators, and start date ahead of the Six Invitational 2024.

Year 8 was a big one for Rainbow Six Siege, with four new operators and a new map, but fans are already thinking about Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 and what's in store for the player base going forward. Here's what we know so far. 

Whenever the Six Invitational comes around, R6 players begin to discuss the next year and what it will bring to the game. This includes the schedule as well as what it will include. 

Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 Start Date

No official start date has been shared just yet for Year 9. 

R6 fans are speculating that it will start sometime in March 2024, however, due to the Rainbow Six Siege esports season start date being confirmed for March 11. This would follow previous years' timelines. 

When Will Year 9 Be Announced?

Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 will likely be announced at the Six Invitational 2024. This is usually when the next year is revealed along with some interesting updates to the game that are in store. Expect to see some teasers for the first season and possible operators. 

Rainbow Six Siege Lair

How Many Seasons Will Be in R6 Year 9?

If we go with previous years, Year 9 will include four seasons. Each of these seasons will have its own battle pass full of cosmetics and Credits for players to unlock. There will also be balance changes and new content, including operators and maps. 

Fans are already taking to social media to beg Ubisoft for better cosmetics in Year 9. 

What Operators Are Coming in Year 9?

Right now, no operators have been confirmed for Year 9. While we don't know who the operators are or when they are arriving just yet, we can assume there will be four operators coming to R6 in Year 9 based on past years. 

One Rainbow 6 leaker believes it may be less, however. A trusted dataminer known as Lungu said that one season of Year 9 may not have an operator. It's unclear why this is the case. Maybe developers are planning to focus more on operator reworks like other games have done in lieu of a new operator.