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LilyPichu, Disguised Toast, Sykkuno Headline Sajam Tekken Slam

The Sajam Tekken Slam brings together some of Twitch's most notable creators in the spirt of fighting games.

Well-known FGC streamer, Sajam, is collecting 24 of his fellow Twitch streamers for a new tournament called the "Sajam Tekken Slam". For a week in March, these streamers will form teams of 4 and train under the tutelage of FGC veterans like Justin Wong. Before eventually duking it out on Sajam's channel on March 8th and March 10th. Sajam states that there is prizing involved but did not share any details in this announcement.

Who Is In The Sajam Tekken Slam?

The 24 streamers come from a variety of genres such as the former esports stars in Supertf and Scarra to IRL streamer Robcdee. As of writing the teams for the event have yet to be formed. The participants are as follows:

Who are The Coaches?

A look at who will teach the Tekken upstarts

A look at who will teach the Tekken upstarts.

The coaches for the Sajam Tekken Slam are gamers with years of experience in the FGC with most of them still actively competing. Like the team allocations, the coaches for each team have yet to be selected currently. The coaches are as follows:

How Will The Tournament Work?

According to Sajam, the tournament is going to be run "Waseda Style". This is different from most team tournaments where the winner stays on and faces the next opponent from the opposite team until they win out or eventually lose. But in this format, each player will only get to play once per match. Teams will pre-pick their order before a match and hopefully come out on top. Sajam also said that there would be some considerations to make sure the teams are as balanced as possible.

In the event of a 2-2 draw between the teams, the coaches would then play the final match to serve as tiebreakers. So there's the possibility of also seeing some very high-level Tekken alongside some new player shenanigans.

The group stage for the Sajam Tekken Slam takes place on March 8th and the finals will go down on March 10th.