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Every Ship in Skull and Bones and How to Find It

There are a total of 10 ships that players in Skull and Bones can build and sail. Here is how to find each of their blueprints.

Skull and Bones Ships, How to Unlock All Class of Ships, Where To Build New Boats

  • In Skull and Bones, there are 10 different types of ships that players can unlock throughout the world.
  • Each ship type falls into one of three categories; extra small, small, and medium.
  • Players will need to find blueprints of the different ship types if they want to build them in Skull and Bones.

Ubisoft’s Skull and Crossbones pirate-simulator has finally been released after 6 years in development and players are scrambling to find and unlock all of its secrets. One of the most important aspects is a reliable ship to customize, sail, and plunder with. Players will find that there are three types of classifications of ships in Skull and Bone, with a total of 10 that players can build themselves. Here’s a full breakdown of where to find blueprints, how to get blueprints, and what an aspiring pirate will need to build their dream ship.

Skull and Bones Ship Types

There are 10 types of ships that players can find in Skull and Bones. One of those falls under the extra small classification, five of them are of the small type and the last four are considered medium. Each comes with a special perk to further allow players some customization in their style of ship.