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Felix “xQc” Lengyel has beaten Sebastian “Forsen” Fors’ Minecraft record — again. After a long struggle, xQc is now the frontrunner in the back-and-forth speedrun rivalry between the two streamers.

xQc and Forsen have been going back and forth with this Minecraft 1.6 speedrun for years. With this latest record, xQc cut the time down to 16:38, but there was plenty of drama and more than a few setbacks along the way

In 2021, Forsen set the record at just under 27 minutes. That exact same day, xQc retaliated with a time of 25 minutes and 37 seconds. From then on, the two streamers have continued to go back and forth until Forsen reached a little over 18 minutes.

He taunted xQc on Twitter, but the Juicer was ready.

In an attempt to take back the record, xQc started streaming with a known Minecraft speedrunner k4. This led to some drama, however, as some felt that having someone coach his speedrun was “cheating.”

In response, xQc told them they were twisting the situation. He wasn’t planning to be coached on his actual run. Instead, he was “learning new strats” and “honing his skill.” He said that he was just “learning new runs” and talking about Minecraft speedruns.

Then, on May 6, xQc made a huge mistake that cost him the record. He was making good time until he got to Nether. Here, xQc had to gather a lot of gold bars and then barter with Piglins in hopes to get string and Ender Pearls, which are both given at random.

The first step was to build a golden helmet in an attempt to avoid damage from mobs of Piglins. But xQc misclicked and accidentally filled his entire inventory with golden helmets. This used up almost all of his gold bars so he was unable to barter for the required items.

At this point, xQc gave up on the run, but not on the record. Ultimately, he achieved a new record after eight hours of grinding.

Of course, the rivalry is unlikely to end with this latest achievement. Forsen is most likely already planning a way to get his record back any day now.