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It’s been confirmed that the next Overwatch 2 hero will be revealed at BlizzCon. Leading up to next weekend, fans have started speculating who this mystery hero will be.

What We Know About the Next Overwatch 2 Hero

Not much has been confirmed about the next Overwatch 2 hero so far. All we know is that they will be a tank hero and are coming in Season 8, which is coming December 5.

Here are the predictions so far, ranging from in-game clues to wild fan theories.


Overwatch 2 has a very rich lore and there have been hints about a character named Mauga for a while now. According to Baptiste’s own story, we learned that Mauga is a member of Talon. When Baptiste left Talon, the two had a falling out despite being best friends beforehand.

There’s a reason that Mauga was so heavily touched upon in Baptiste’s backstory. Apparently, Mauga was going to be a hero in the original Overwatch game but was put off for later. This means that Mauga is most likely coming — we just don’t know when. Perhaps Season 8?

The new Samoa map in Season 7 heavily hinted at Mauga’s arrival. Not only is Mauga from Samoa but there were clues within the map’s details, including a very large shirt that many feel belongs to the big dude.


It has long been said that Maximilien will make his way onto the Overwatch main roster. The badass business-oriented omnic is known for his wealth and power. He is a member of Talon’s inner council and runs the Casino Monaco. He has been featured as the main villain in limited-time event modes.

Over time, the Overwatch fandom has become obsessed with Maximilien and many name him as a favorite character from the lore. The thing is, would he be a tank? A lot of people feel that Maximilien will be an evil support, something that hasn’t been in the game yet. Others feel that they wouldn’t add Maximilien so soon after introducing other omnic heroes.


The name Overlord is probably familiar to you if you are a fan of D.Va and have watched her cinematics. In “Shooting Star,” Overlord is depicted as a helpful member of the MEKA Squad that is great at repairing tanks and shows a lot of courage.

With the arrival of the K-Pop collaboration in Overwatch 2, it would seem like a convenient time to introduce Overlord, a South Korean character. BlizzCon will even have a K-Pop performance and there are legendary skins and emotes inspired by this music genre.

But Overwatch developers have already stated before that they don’t plan to add another mech-focused hero to the game. It’s just too difficult and annoying, apparently. Of course, Overlord could arrive without a mech.