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Overwatch 2 players have probably heard the name Overlord. The name is mentioned here and there, only to slowly fade away into the distance once again, just another character from the game’s ever-expanding lore. But now, the community is wondering if Overlord is the next hero coming to Overwatch 2.

In Season 4, players will be formally introduced to sexy support Lifeweaver, a pansexual character with a focus on positioning his teammates with a mysterious biolight technology. But in true gamer fashion, the fanbase was already wondering who was next. Luckily, developers recently provided a hero timeline that provides us with some hints.

The next hero is going to be another support, set to come in Season 6. So who will this support be? Players are thinking Overlord.

Who is Overlord in Overwatch 2?

Overlord is first introduced to Overwatch players in D.Va’s short, “Shooting Star.” He’s the youngest member of the MEKA Squad, depicted as highly intelligent and skilled — especially when it comes to repairing other members’ mechs.

In one instance, the MEKA Squad teams up with Overwatch to defend Busan against Null Sector. During the chaotic mission, Overlord was seen being quite cool and collected while doing system repairs.

At this point, it’s clear that Overlord is being depicted as a supportive character who is focused on helping his teammates by using his mechanical prowess. This makes it seem all the more likely that Overlord is the perfect character to be made into a support hero, maybe with a focus on fixing things or using technology.

But there’s one problem: Blizzard developers said that they’d never put another mech in the game.

D.Va’s mech has caused a lot of trouble for developers and has been quite complex to deal with. For this reason, developers have told gamers that they don’t plan to add another mech-based hero to the roster in the future.

Of course, Overlord doesn’t need to be in his mech.

Almost every time that Overwatch players have predicted a lore-based hero as the next roster addition they’ve been wrong, with Blizzard announcing a very surprising and seemingly random hero instead. But that’s not true in the case of Sojourn. She’s been sprinkled throughout the game’s lore from the very start and fans often wondered if she would become the first black female hero to join Overwatch.

For now, Overlord only exists within the game as part of a dialogue exchange between D.Va and Tracer.

D.Va says: “I have to introduce you to Overlord! He’s the best pilot I know.”

This could be seen as a hint that Overlord is, indeed, coming to Overwatch 2’s growing roster as a support hero. But for now, players will have to wait until Season 6 to see who the next support actually is.