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You may have noticed a few days ago that Sigma was deactivated from competitive modes. The powerful tank has since returned, but what was going on?

Recently, a major bug caused Sigma to be deactivated from Overwatch 2’s competitive modes. The patch that dropped in the middle of Season 4 caused Sigma to glitch, giving him some game-breaking abilities.

Why Was Sigma Removed From Overwatch 2?

Basically, Sigma could use his ultimate and then charge up a second ultimate. If players aimed the second ultimate at the sky, Sigma was given infinite flying capabilities. In a clip shared on Reddit, Sigma could be seen flying above the map for an incredibly long time. While not great for defending his team from incoming attacks, being bombarded by a flying tank was still concerning enough for the enemy team to back off.

After the game-breaking bug was discovered, developers quickly disabled Sigma completely. For two days, nobody was able to play Sigma in competitive matches.

While tank mains are happy to have Sigma back as of May 12, others were unhappy they didn’t have the chance to experience flying Sigma for themselves.

Overwatch 2 Developers Hint at Potential New Game Mode

After Sigma was reinstated into competitive Overwatch 2, some players expressed disappointment at not getting the chance to fly around the map as Sigma.

In response, Game Director Aaron Keller said: “Looks like we should start working on a new game mode…”

Overwatch 2 fans immediately replied with enthusiasm to the idea of a flying Sigma game mode. Some responded that it should be as goofy as possible.

One person suggested: “Give us more customization in custom games like making Sigma fly forever or make Cassidy's roll go much farther, or other crazy things.”

The abilities in Overwatch 2 are quite varied and it’s clear that players like to experience all the different gameplay styles. After the April Fools patches the past few years — which bring some over-the-top updates to Overwatch 2 heroes — players have been pining for some silly or extreme changes to certain heroes.

What is the Next Overwatch 2 Game Mode?

Overwatch 2 Season 4 is currently in the middle of the Galactic Rescue limited-time mode. This Star Wars-inspired faction fight comes with cool skins but players aren’t enjoying the seemingly unbalanced teams.

Luckily Season 4 has other game modes to look forward to. Battle For Olympus is returning May 23 to the 29th. Then the Symmetra Challenge is arriving right after, lasting from May 30 to June 6.

There is definitely enough going on — including collecting exclusive skins — to keep players satisfied. But we won’t forget about the possibility of a flying Sigma game mode. You can bet players will be asking for this again in the near future.