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Starwatch Galactic Rescue is an upcoming limited time game mode coming to Overwatch 2 — and it’s arriving with free cosmetics.

Starwatch is part of the action-packed Season 4. This event is bringing Galactic Rescue, a limited-time mode Overwatch 2 players will be able to find in the Arcade from May 9 to May 22. Galactic Rescue will bring two teams of four to a reworked Horizon Lunar Colony, facing off as Watchers and the Infinite Empire.

Galactic Rescue will be part PvE and part PvP. The squads will battle each other to complete objectives first, but will also have to fight off turrets and NPC enemies that are fighting on the side of the Infinite Empire.

Here are the two teams:


  • Bonebreaker Doomfist
  • Extraterrestrial Winston
  • Intergalactic Smuggler Ashe
  • Space Prince Lucio

Infinite Empire

  • Galactic Emperor Sigma
  • Infinite Ace D.Va
  • Infinite Annihilator Bastion
  • Seer Mercy

Overwatch 2 fans already knew of these alternative looks, since they are skins available in the premium battle pass. They are especially aware of Intergalactic Smuggler Ashe, a skin that had players questioning just how horny the developers were.

But there are also additional rewards for players to collect during the duration of the Starwatch event — and they’re luckily free.

Blizzard Announces Free Rewards for Starwatch Galactic Rescue

On Twitter, Blizzard reminded Overwatch 2 players that Starwatch is coming tomorrow, May 9. They added: “ Pick a faction, fight for the future of the galaxy, and earn free rewards in Galactic Rescue, an all-new limited-time mode in the Arcade.”

The promise of “free rewards” has most definitely piqued the interest of Overwatch 2 players, who have been growing tired of the newly implemented battle pass system.

The photo attached to the above tweet included a propaganda-style poster depicting D.Va that reads “Fly With Us” and a space-inspired weapon charm complete with a meteor. Players immediately studied these items closer, even saying they wanted the D.Va poster in real life.

The picture also included Wrecking Ball wearing an entirely new skin. His ball was white with gold detailing, making it look similar to the moon. Hammon himself was a peculiar pastel purple. Up close, fans of the rodent noticed that he had glowing blue eyes and an entirely new skin texture, reminiscent of an alien. Fitting.

Blizzard didn’t include any details on how to earn these cosmetics, but this event will most likely be quite similar to previous events where players have to complete challenges to unlock them. There will be challenges specific to Galactic Rescue and for general gameplay. If you complete a specific amount of these challenges, you will most likely be rewarded the outlandish Hammond skin.

Overwatch 2 players expressed excitement over the arrival of Galactic Rescue and the chance to get some new cosmetics without grinding the premium battle pass. But others begged Blizzard to just keep all of the fun game modes in the game. This likely will never happen, nor will the outlandish requests in the comments like adding twerking to the game. Let’s hope Blizzard never sees that one.