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The newest Pokémon TCG set is here and it’s going to shake up the standard meta just a bit. Paldea Evolved is full of desirable cards that are being sought after by collectors and competitors alike.

There are a handful of pricey cards in Paldea Evolved but the cost doesn’t always match the viability of the card. Sometimes cards skyrocket in price due to the subject matter — waifus or popular Pokémon — or due to their stunning artwork. So here are the best cards in Paldea Evolved if you’re looking to improve your deck and stay meta in upcoming tournaments.

Boss’s Orders

Boss's Orders trainer card

The latest version of Boss’s Orders features charming and stylish villain Ghetsis. This card is a game-changer and has come in clutch many times for me before. This support card allows you to bring up a Pokémon from your opponent’s bench, meaning you can target your opponent’s most powerful cards early on to ensure they fall behind or get a cheeky knockout if you need to get a certain amount of prizes near the end game.

There are Boss’s Orders you can use from earlier sets, which is why this card isn’t higher on the list.

Chien-Pao EX

Chien-Pao EX card pokemon TCG

This may not be the most flashy Pokémon in the set, but you’ll find a lot of Chien-Pao EX decks in upcoming challenges as well as at Nationals. Chien-Pao EX is a water Pokémon with a powerful ability, Shivery Chill, that lets you search your deck for two basic water energies to add to your hand.

When put in a deck with Radiant Greninja, Kyogre, and Palkia VSTAR, you create a very consistent deck that has complete control of its energy at all times.

Reversal Energy

Reversal Energy special energy card tcg

This powerful new energy card provides you with three energies in one if it’s attached to an evolution Pokémon without a rule box while you’re behind in prize cards. It’s most often used in Gardevoir EX and Lugia VSTAR, allowing you to set up your board without worry. Once you’re ready, you can attach this one energy, get an OHKO on the opponent, and immediately turn the game around in your favor.


Iono ultra rare trainer Paldea TCG

This support card features one of the most popular female trainers in the game. It comes in multiple rarities and you can find yourself paying more than $100 easily for some of the more beautiful versions. Luckily, you can get the most common variation for just a few bucks.

Iono is one of the most important cards in Paldea Evolved. This support card has both players — you and your opponent — shuffle your hand and place it on the bottom of your deck. Then, both players draw up to the amount of prize cards they have remaining.

Every deck you play against from now on will most likely have at least one Iono. It’s a very disruptive card that can shake up your opponent’s entire game plan, especially if they were holding onto important cards.

It’s even better to play when they are in the lead, since they will only draw a few cards. This can potentially lead to a brick while you grab an entirely fresh hand that may help you catch up. This card has definitely gotten me out of a lot of tough spots.