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Camping Trip with Pokemon Is Yet Another Show Coming in 2023

Pokémon is on a roll when it comes to media. The latest Pokémon news is a web series called Camping Trip with Pokémon.

Starting on October 9, 2023, Pokémon will be airing a web series called Camping Trip With Pokémon that’s coming to Japan. This series will follow a man on his camping trip adventures, which he takes with his Pokémon.

According to the teaser trailer, the show looks to largely be based around food. The man cooks all sorts of tasty treats ranging from cheesy, warm pizza Charizard can smell from the sky to deliciously decadent desserts.

The style of the show appears to be live-action, with real-life environments and foods appearing alongside animated Pokémon. In the trailer, you can see Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Charizard, Psyduck, Sprigatito, and more.

Pokemon camping show

How to Watch Camping Trip with Pokémon

Camping Trip With Pokémon is a web series coming to Japan. It will most likely air on YouTube, so you’ll eventually get to watch the episodes just like with Sweet Winter With Pokémon. This was a very similar web series that centered around Pokémon and yummy treats.

Pokémon Shows to Watch in 2023

Camping Trip With Pokémon isn’t the only show coming out this year. The first is Pokémon Horizons. This is the new anime that’s taking the place of the previous season that ended with an emotional goodbye to Ash and Pikachu. Now, follow Liko and Roy on their own Pokémon journey. It’s already streaming in Japan and no North American time has been given thus far.

Path to the Peak is an animated series outside of the main show. It follows Ava as she starts competing in the trading card game. It aired on August 11 and all episodes are on the official YouTube now.

Paldean Winds is the third show to check out. The series, created by WIT Studios — the same people responsible for Attack on Titan — consists of four episodes and premiered on the Official Pokémon YouTube channel on Sept. 6, 2023.

If you want something slightly different, check out a new live-action drama (sans ‘mon) that’s coming out in Japan. Find all the information here