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Mew VMAX has a lot going for it. This includes a main hitter that can do a significant deal of damage with Choice Band, Power Tablet, and other useful tools that are easy to find thanks to Genesect V’s non-stop drawing capabilities. On top of that, Mew has zero retreat and a lot of surprise ‘mon that can run in and wreak havoc when needed.

For this reason, competitors have continued trying to find counters to Mew VMAX in an attempt to shut off its abilities and keep it from using its full momentum at the start of a match. Unfortunately, Mew has managed to stay on top.

Now, Mew VMAX may be getting even stronger thanks to a new card in 151. Mew ex lets you draw up to three cards per turn while also copying the opponent’s active Pokémon for three colorless energy.

Looking to counter Mew in the next regional? Here are some cards to consider.

Drapion V

This dark Pokémon came out in the Lost Origin set and was immediately seen as a counter to Mew, who is weak to dark. For four colorless energy, Drapion can pull off Dynamic Tail. It does 190 damage but this one-shots Mew at 380 due to weakness.

What makes Drapion one of the best dark options to counter Mew is its ability, however. Its attack costs one less colorless energy for each Single Strike, Rapid Strike, and Fusion Strike Pokémon your opponent is playing. Basically, you’ll be able to use Drapion V’s attack for free since Mew players only play Fusion Strike.

Without any energy requirements, it’s easy to keep this tech card in your deck, drop it onto the board when needed, and get an easy knockout on a Mew VMAX once your opponent is set up. Unfortunately, the momentum is often disrupted thanks to Mew’s many outs — but it has still proven effective in some scenarios.

Charizard ex

Charizard EX Infernal Reigh Obsidian Flames

When Drapion V wasn’t enough to end Mew VMAX’s run, Pokémon introduced Charizard ex in Obsidian Flames. While usually a fire type, Charizard ex is a Tera Pokémon that’s dark type — Mew’s weakness.

Charizard ex cannot be damaged by attacks while on the bench thanks to its Tera status. Its ability, Infernal Reign, allows you to search for three basic fire energy cards and attach them to your Pokémon in any way you like when you evolve. Then, it does a base of 180 damage (360 to Mew due to weakness) — and more if your opponent has taken any prize cards.

Basically, Charizard ex was created to be very, very fast in an attempt to keep up with Mew VMAX’s incredible early game speed. The ability to grab energy cards and set up your board is definitely a way to scare Mew players, especially if you have multiple Charizard ex ready to go since it one-shots their main attacker.

While this sounds promising on paper, Charizard ex has yet to stop Mew VMAX’s reign since it still requires more setup. There’s still a chance to come back and disrupt a Mew VMAX player in many instances, but it hasn’t truly stopped Mew from being a top deck in the format.


From Paldea Evolved, this one-prizer is definitely a tough challenger for Mew VMAX. It’s a dark Pokémon that is meant to outlast Mew in multiple ways.

First of all, Spiratomb is a one-prizer. This means that knocking it out only rewards you one prize. Meanwhile, Mew VMAX is worth three prizes. The goal is to keep recycling your Spiratomb and other ‘mon over and over so that your opponent can’t get six knockouts in time.

The biggest reason Spiratomb is a Mew counter, however, is its ability. Fettered in Misfortune makes it so all basic Pokémon in play have no abilities. Even if Spiratomb is on your bench, it will stop Genesect V from being able to use its ability, taking away Mew’s incredible draw power every turn.

Unfortunately, Mew players often have other outs, including Forest Seal Stone. Once attached to a Pokémon, this card can be discarded to search for a card from your deck, thus giving Mew players one more opportunity to dig for the card they need to KO your Spiratomb and continue their reign of terror.


This dark Pokémon was definitely created with Mew VMAX in mind. It’s a one-prizer that does 160 damage with its main attack — or 320 to Mew VMAX due to weakness. This is an OHKO since Mew VMAX only has 310 HP.

But what makes it even better is that its attack is free if your opponent is playing any VMAX, like Mew. Being able to get one-hits on three prize Pokémon for free seems pretty incredible. Unfortunately, it also hasn’t stopped Mew VMAX thus far.

Path to the Peak

Path to the Peak stadium card in Pokemon TCG

This stadium ensures that both you and your opponent’s Pokémon with rule boxes have no abilities. Essentially, Genesect V won’t be able to use its ability to draw more cards while Path to the Peak is in play.

The key is to get this card out very early on. Once a Mew VMAX player is set up, they will most likely not need Genesect V’s abilities as much and may already have all of the answers in their hand. Having a Forest Seal Stone already attached to a Genesect is another way they can get around Path to the Peak.

Right now, tech cards aren’t enough to truly stop Mew VMAX from being dominant. The best bet is to create a consistent deck that you’re confident playing and practice against Mew VMAX online as much as you can. Decks to consider include Lost Zone Box, Lugia Archeops, and Giratina. Gardevoir and Charizard are also seeing a lot of consistency in regionals.