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8 Best Cards in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151

Pokemon 151 brings a wave of nostalgia to the Pokemon TCG meta. We've got a full breakdown of the strongest cards in the set

Excited to try out some new decks? You’re in luck. The Pokémon Scarlet & Violet 151 set has a lot of viable Pokémon and tool cards that are about to shake up the meta and help bring in some interesting new playstyles. Check out the most impactful cards from 151 here.

Alakazam ex

Alakazam EX Pokemon 151

This interesting card brings an entirely new mechanic to the card game, making it one of the most impactful in the set. Alakazam ex has an attack called Dimension Manipulation that only does 120 damage — but it can do it even if on the bench! This can help you knock out some single prizers while staying safe from incoming attacks but it’s not the strongest attack.

Wigglytuff ex

Wigglytuff ex pokemon 151

Wigglytuff ex is a tank thanks to its ability Expanding Body, which gives it an extra 100 HP if it has a special energy attached. That’s 350 HP. Wiggly doesn’t do a lot of damage but has enough health to last a few rounds as it chips away at the opponent's ‘mon.

Blastoise ex

Blastoise ex Pokemon 151

This iconic Pokémon can do an okay amount of damage, doing 140 for up to two Water energy discarded from your hand. With a lot of energy retrieval options, Blastoise ex is a pretty easy card to continue setting up and using. Unfortunately, this doesn’t add up to that much damage against some of the tankier ‘mon.

Big Balloon

Big Air Balloon trainer card pokemon 151

Big Air Balloon is pretty interesting, giving Stage 2 Pokémon no retreat cost. This is really solid since a lot of Stage 2 Pokémon are becoming strong in the current meta.

Arbok ex

Arbok ex pokemon 151

Arbox ex has a lot of synergy with Judge and other cards that make your opponent have a smaller hand. After using Judge to make your opponent have only four cards in hand, you can then use Arbok’s Menacing Fang to discard two additional cards early on so they can’t set up. You can also lock them out of their plan in the late game.

Rigid Band

Rigid Band trainer card Pokemon 151

This tool card will make your Stage 1 Pokémon take 30 less damage while attached. Imagine Rigid Band with Wigglytuff!

Zapdos ex

Zapdos EX Pokemon 151

Zapdos ex will definitely be added to top Lightning decks thanks to its ability — which gives it free retreat — and focus on benched Pokémon. Zapdos can suddenly come out and snipe a card on your opponent’s bench that’s already damaged or another pesky card that you want to KO.

Mew ex

Mew ex Pokemon 151

By far, this is the best card in the deck. The ability is quite awesome, allowing you to draw up to three cards once per turn. But what’s even better is its attack. For three Colorless energy, you can copy your opponent’s attack to take a knockout on them. 

With so many strong ‘mons with big attacks, bringing out Mew ex and dunking on them makes it a great one-of for a lot of popular meta decks. Free retreat? Draw power? And that attack? No brainer.