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What is Mochi (and How to Use it) in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet The Teal Mask

A brand new item has been introduced to Pokémon Scarlet & Violet and it will change the way Pokémon are trained
  • What is Mochi?
  • How to get Mochi
  • How to train your Pokémon using Mochi

Spoiler warning for The Teal Mask content ahead. If you don’t want to learn details about the DLC make sure to finish it before reading this article

The first DLC of the ninth generation of Pokémon, The Teal Mask, has gotten a lot of attention from the community and some have to do with an exclusive item called Mochi, an uninteresting item for casual fans but extremely important for hardcore players.

What is Mochi?

As mentioned before Mochi is a brand new item that can only be obtained if you have the Pokémon Scaler & Violet DLC, The Teal Mask. It is a usable item whose effects can vary depending on which of the seven types of Mochi are used however all of them are utilized to train your Pokémon’s EV, a stat that could only be modified through specific battles or the use of Vitamins and Feathers which were both quite expensive.

How to get Mochi

Berries needed in Ogre Oustin minigame

Mochi is rewarded for players who play the DLC-exclusive minigame Ogre Oustin’ and is unlocked by following the expansion main story-line quests, if you still haven’t unlocked Ogre Oustin’ don’t worry we have written a full guide explaining not only how to access the minigame but also how to play it.

How to train your Pokémon using Mochi

There are seven types of Mochi, and while six of them work exactly like Vitamins the seventh one does a full reset on your Pokémon’s EVs. Just like a Vitamin each Mochi used will increase your Pokémon’s EV by exactly ten points which means that to fully maximize one stat you must use 26 Mochi (the maximum of each stat is 252).

The Fresh-Start Mochi is the seventh type of Mochi mentioned and it is extremely useful to make the process of creating competitive Pokémon as efficient as possible. When utilized all of your Pokémon’s EVs will get reset.

Here is a list of all types of Mochi currently available in the game as well as their effect:

  • Genius Mochi: Increases your Pokémon’s Special Attack EVs by 10
  • Clever Mochi: Increases your Pokémon’s Special Defense EVs by 10
  • Health Mochi: Increases your Pokémon’s HP EVs by 10
  • Resist Mochi: Increases your Pokémon’s Defense EVs by 10
  • Swift Mochi: Increases your Pokémon’s Speed EVs by 10
  • Muscle Mochi: Increases your Pokémon’s Attack EVs by 10
  • Fresh-Start Mochi: Resets all of you Pokémon’s EVs