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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC — How to Complete Ogre Oustin Minigame

Find out how to beat the Ogre Oustin minigame in the new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC and unlock the EXP. Charm
  • Unlocking the Kitakami
  • Unlocking the Ogre Oustin minigame
  • Tips for the Ogre Oustin minigame
  • Rewards for playing the Ogre Oustin minigame

Spoiler warning for The Teal Mask content ahead. If you don’t want to learn details about the DLC make sure to finish it before reading this article

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero has recently launched worldwide and it includes an exclusive minigame where players can play both alone and with friends. Not only can players compete for high scores but also receive rewards depending on how well they perform. Here is everything you need to know about it:

Unlocking the Kitakami

The first step to playing the Ogre Oustin is getting into Kitakami, the location featured in The Teal Mask DLC. In case you have any doubts about how to buy and install this expansion we have a step-by-step guide that should cover all your needs!

After finishing the set up all you need to do is start the game. If you downloaded the DLC correctly your character will receive a Rotom call from Professor Jacq where he’ll mention that you have been invited to travel to the land of Kitakami - head to the academy’s entrance hall and speak to Briar, the supervisor of your trip, which will trigger a cutscene leading you to the new island.

Unlocking the Ogre Oustin minigame

To unlock Ogre Oustin you will need to reach the part of the story where the Festival of Masks is available to you. The Festival of Masks can easily be accessed if you follow the main storyline of the DLC. One of the first quests given to you will be to visit three boards that tell the tale of the Loyal Three and take a picture in front of it - the festival will be unlocked right after interacting with the second board.

where to find Ogre Oustin Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Teal Mask

Tips for the Ogre Oustin minigame

Ogre Oustin is a traditional game that has been played in Mossui Town since “long ago” according to the in-game description. The goal of the game is to gather berries, to collect berries you must pop colored balloons spread across the playing field by walking through them, there are four balloons types in four different colors.

There are also four different colors of berry tables where you will place the berries collected by pressing the A button on them. To complete each level you will need to collect and deposit a certain amount of each berry. This amount varies depending on the level you are playing which can be set to Easy, Normal, or Hard (the first playthrough must be done on the Easy difficulty)

As mentioned earlier it is possible to play with friends through the use of a custom code, similar to what is already done in other online play formats within the game. It appears that playing in single-player or multiplayer does not impact the game the game’s format or rewards which means you should always try to find friends who are available to be as efficient as possible

Berries needed in Ogre Oustin minigame

Rewards for playing the Ogre Oustin minigame

After finishing your first playthrough of Ogre Oustin you will always receive an Exp. Charm which increases the Exp. Points your Pokémon get. Aside from the charm you will also receive different items that include mochis, status-changing feathers, tera shards, and berries, as well as various items that can only be sold.