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We first heard of the collaboration between Pokémon and the Van Gogh Museum a few weeks ago and, while it was cool to think of a ‘mon exhibit at the museum, insiders speculated that it would come with promo cards. This was based on past art exhibits that also resulted in exclusive cards and it looks like the pattern has continued this time around.

On September 28, Pokémon announced a promo card in celebration of the collaboration called Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat. This card was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s “Self Portrait with Grey Felt Hat.” The card itself is not great but the artwork is glorious.

How to Get the Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat Promo Card

Pokemon van gogh card

Unique exclusive Pokemon TCG card from the Van Gogh collaboration

In order to get your hands on this exclusive promo, you’ll need to make a qualifying purchase on the Pokémon Center website or complete a Pokémon Adventure activity at the museum itself, from September 28 to January 7.

It sounds easy enough but scalpers have already started to cause chaos at the museum and online. With scalpers rushing the museum to grab all the promos, you best believe the value of the card has skyrocketed.

Right now, the Pikachu card is for sale online for $400 to $600, sealed. Might as well fly to Amsterdam and get one yourself while also getting the opportunity to see the cute artwork on display. This includes Snorlax, Eevee, and a few other iconic Pokémon.

If you don’t want to spend hundreds to get the Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat card, you can also pick up some other related merch like sleeves and playmats.

At this time, it’s unclear what the promo is truly worth. Only time will tell what price it will settle on.