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Pokémon Unite Ranked System explained - Ranks, Ratings, Seasonal Rewards

Pokémon Unite’s ranked system has seen quite a few changes since release. Here is your complete guide to the ins and outs of Unite’s ranked mode.

Unite ranked mode is the focus for most players who are trying to play Pokémon Unite at a high level. If you are feeling that desire then this guide will help you understand how ranked works and inform you on what to aim for in a ranked season of Unite.

To start you will need to unlock Ranked mode in-game. This is done by achieving Trainer level 6. This does not take very long and after a few games in standard or quick battles, you will be there in no time. You must also have a fair play rating of 80 or higher, and own a minimum of 5 Unite Licenses. Both of these qualifiers are easy to achieve as the game grants you a few licenses for free as you level up.

Once you have unlocked rank mode there are two ways to play the mode. Either in the 1-3 player queue or the 5 player queue. The first is for players looking to play solo or with one to two friends, the second is only for players with four friends alongside them.

Despite having draft mode in the game under Tournament Mode in custom games, draft is not a part of the ranked mode. Ranked is instead played with the same rules as Standard mode.

Rank Tiers

Pokémon Unite ranked mode has players ranked in six different tiers.

  • Beginner (Class 1-3)
  • Great (Class 1-5)
  • Expert (Class 1-5)
  • Veteran (Class 1-5)
  • Ultra (Class 1-5)
  • Master

New players will begin at the lowest tier Beginner class 1. Returning players are demoted a tier from their placement in the previous season. For example, if you achieved master in one season of Ranked, you will be demoted to Ultra at the start of the next season.

Ranks in pokemon unite

Climb from Beginner to Master in Pokemon Unite ranked

To climb to the next tier of the ranked ladder you must work your way through every class of that tier. To do so you must win games and earn diamonds (normally 3) to progress to the next class of that tier. Normally one win will earn you one diamond, and one loss will remove one diamond. You will be demoted a class if you ever fall below zero diamonds in a class.

Rank protection cards are an in-game item that can be earned via battle pass, or purchased in-game via the Aeos Emporium store. A pack of 3 will cost 60 gems.

Performance Points

There are ways to earn additional diamonds in the climb, as well as preventing losses of diamonds even after a loss. This is via a system called Performance Points. Performance points can be earned via performing exceptionally well in-game, going on a win streak, or just participating in matches.

When you hit the maximum amount of performance points you can have in that skill tier you will instantly earn another diamond. You also can prevent losing a diamond even after a loss if you have a number of performance points over the white line on the gauge. For example in Ultra ranked earning 200 performance points will prevent you from losing a diamond on a loss. This will however expend performance points to do either of these benefits.

Performance points are not used in Master Tier, and instead are only used on the climb of a ranked ladder.

Master Rank

Master rank is the highest skill tier available currently in the Ranked system of Pokémon Unite, but the grind does not stop here! Once achieving Master rank a player is given a skill rating of 1200. At this point, diamonds and performance points are removed and only your skill rating is tracked for the remainder of the season.

You cannot lose Master rank once you have achieved it. Instead wins and losses now affect your rating. Wins will move your rating up, and losses will move your rating down. The number at which your rating moves can vary depending on how high you are in the rankings. At 1200 wins will get you anywhere from 10-14 rating, and losses can be minus 4-8.

There is also no limit to how high your master rank can go. Most seasons the top-ranking players on the leaderboard are 2000+. There are two leaderboards that players can try to climb ranked, Friends and Global. There are other leaderboards such as win streaks, praise, and score, but only the Rankings Board showcases players Ratings.


Alright you grinded all season for this what do you receive? Pokémon Unite Ranked gives you ranked rewards as soon as you earn them. So achieving these thresholds will earn you instant benefits.

  • Beginner Class 3 - 1000 Aeos Tickets
  • Great Class 5 - 1000 Aeos Tickets
  • Expert Class 5 - 1000 Aeos Tickets
  • Veteran Class 5 - 1000 Aeos tickets
  • Ultra Class 5 - 1000 Aeos tickets
  • Master 1200 - Season-themed player background, 500 Aeos Tickets
  • Master 1400 - Season-themed player frame, 500 Aeos Tickets
  • Master 1600 - Season-themed player sticker, 500 Aeos tickets

Master 1600 is the last threshold where the game gives you rewards and because of that it is what most players try to achieve. It's quite the flex to have your player card decorated with recent ranked season stickers.

Outside of the rewards listed above the only other achievement to grind the ranked ladder for is to try and climb the global ranked ladder. When players reach a certain threshold they are reminded of their Global Ranking when in the lobby. The fight for number one worldwide is always a battle every season. Maybe you can be the next top-ranked Player!