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Pokémon Unite — Top 5 Pokémon in Season 15

Season 15 brought huge changes to the Pokemon Unite meta, but these 5 'mon will help you climb the ranked ladder

The new season and latest patch in Pokémon Unite brought a ton of changes to the game and mixed up the metagame a whole lot. The Pokémon that used to be top tier took a pretty big hit from the nerfs, and that has paved the way for some new dominant Pokémon. These are the picks for the best 5 Pokémon to play in ranked in Pokemon Unite Season 15.

5. Inteleon

First Pokémon on this list has to be Inteleon. This sniper has been top tier since its release in July, and many thought it would be included in the Pokémon receiving nerfs this patch. However, getting a pass this balance Patch has allowed Inteleon to rule the attacker category. Inteleon has the best secure (ability to last hit and KO wild Pokémon) in the early game of any Pokémon. 

This makes the early game a breeze and gaining an experience lead on the enemy is an easy task. It's not just the early game that stands out though, the two damage-dealing moves Inteleon has are both fantastic in teamfights. Liquidation is great against fast moving Pokémon, and Snipe Shot is a great option against squishier opponents who like to play in the background.

4. Mewtwo X

I know I said the metagame was shaken up by this last patch, but I couldn’t leave Mewtwo off this list. However, Mewtwo X has stolen the spotlight a little after the most recent round of balance changes. The Melee All Rounder Legendary Pokémon Certainly had an impact on the game upon release. But since you can only have one Mewtwo on your team at a time it took a back seat last season to the notorious Mewtwo Y. Now that the Y version has been nerfed in a few ways Mewtwo X has risen up again and is still a formidable threat. 

Having a unique mechanic called the “mega gauge” Mewtwo can mega evolve after doing enough damage with basic attacks, and once that happens nothing is stopping them. The in-your-face playstyle combined with amazing stats makes this Legendary Pokémon a force to be reckoned with in Season 15. Pair this Pokémon up with a Comfey in ranked mode and you will be Master ranked before you know it!

pokemon unite season 15 costumes

Spooky Season goes hard in Pokemon Unite Season 15

3. Hoopa

Hoopa takes the spot for the best support Pokémon in the game this patch. While it may not be the easiest support to play, a skilled player with this Pokémon can greatly impact the game. You never truly understand the value of Hoopa until you are in the middle of a teamfight and a perfectly placed Hyperspace Hole (Hoopa’s move that sends you to base and back) appears right below you. 

Hoopa brings a lot to the table, With its portals not only sending you to base to heal, but also sending you to the other side map to join up with teammates for well timed rotations. The thing that takes Hoopa to the next level though, is it’s Unite Move: “Rings Unbound”. Hoopa transforms into its gigantic “Unbound” form and creates a portal that any teammate can instantly teleport to! This move alone sets Hoopa apart from any other support in the game.

2. Slowbro

Number two has got to be Slowbro. It may not be the flashiest defender but with its incredible moveset, good survivability, and arguably the best Unite move in the game, Slowbro deserves to be near the top of this list. Maybe the most impressive thing about Slowbro being this relevant to the meta is the fact that they are a “starter” Pokémon in Pokémon Unite! Being one of the first licenses you get for free, Slowbro has incredible value for any player who learns to play them.

The one tip you will always want to remember is to lock down the best player on the other team with your Unite move “Slowbeam”. It is a Unite Move that locks any enemy in place for three seconds and continually does damage. It also can target enemies who are “Unstoppable” which almost no other move in the game can achieve this! A big teamfight around Rayquaza at the end of the game is made a lot easier when a slowbro can pluck out the other teams carry from the fight before it even begins. Slowbro may not have a thought behind their eyes, but do not overlook this powerful defender based on appearances!

1. Zacian

And for our final member on this list I hope you will all join me in welcoming back a familiar face to the top of the list. The number one Pokémon inside of Unite right now is Zacian. On release, Zacian was the epitome of a Unite player’s nightmare. However, Zacian did seem to take a backseat with the release of Mewtwo X and Mewtwo Y. But since the big bad Mewtwo Y has seen some changes Zacian has emerged back at the top.

A stats monster this Pokémon starts with some of the highest attack and critical hit rate stats, being able to start critically hitting at just level two! Its large area of effect attack Sacred Sword, and its movement based move Agility tend to be the two most popular choices to select in game. Both let you hit multiple targets while chasing them down at full speed. This paired alongside Zacian’s ability to have four boosted auto attacks that have various effects, the most devastating of which being the fourth and final boosted auto that allows it to dash yet again toward a fleeing enemy. The legendary Pokémon Zacian is truly worthy of the title, as well as another, the current King of Pokémon Unite.