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Huge Wave of Leaks Reveals Newest Unite Pokemon and Shiny Pokemon.

Fresh new Unite Leaks have been datamined, revealing Miriadon, Falinks, Ceruledge, and Unite’s first Shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite’s public test server has been updated again and if you have been around long enough you know what that means. ElChicoEevee has a brand new bundle of Unite leaks found via datamine. With Pokemon Day around the corner it’s no surprise there is a ton of new stuff headed to Unite to celebrate. Let's take a look at everything we know.

  • New Pokemon: Miraidon, Falinks, and Ceruledge
  • Shiny Pokemon
  • The Next Battle Pass Highlighted Pokemon
  • Brand new Dragon only game mode

New Pokemon


Miraidon EX License

Brace yourself everyone, another “EX License” Pokemon is upon us. The Legendary Pokemon found in Pokemon Violet will be added to the game as an Attacker. The release day is expected to be Pokemon Day, February 27th. While it is unknown if Miraidon will release for free or not, all celebration Pokemon like this in the past have been released for free via event. Here is the highlights of what Miraidon can do in game.

  • Create Electric terrain and “weaken” goal zones
  • Fire attacks from range and even use auto seeking aoe attacks.
  • “Drift” Into enemies with Electro drift and deal execute style damage
  • Uses Aeos energy to boost the effects of the Electric Terrain
Falinks License

Unite’s newest all-rounder is simply 6 little guys. Fearsome team-minded little guys though. Falinks will be an all-rounder and will most likely release in April. Falinks’s design in Unite seems to be based around “Formations” which you can set depending on what move you select. No Retreat sets you in a shoulder-to-shoulder formation and is focused on dealing a ton of damage but you are locked into a direction while attacking. Beat Up lets you send out members of your group to deal damage separately from the pack for a short time. All this sounds so exciting but the scoring animation might be the best part. They stand on top of one another to score. We love these little guys.

Falinks Unite move


Unfortunately, the data miners have not been able to get much information about Ceruledge at this point in time, but it is releasing as an All Rounder. But it is safe to say we are thrilled with this slated release because we get to check a Pokemon off our Most Wanted list!

Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon have finally made their way to Pokemon Unite and allegedly it is via an in-game item that you have to buy. Paid cosmetics are no surprise to see in a live service game, but the part that has fans up in arms is that the data mines have revealed that the shiny spray also gives your Pokemon additional stats.

  • 50 HP
  • 5 Attack
  • 8 Special Attack

These stats are extremely low and overall unremarkable, but the precedent for a paid cosmetic giving a competitive advantage in game is a scary one. We all have our fingers crossed that we are missing some vital information about this new item.

A wild Pokemon has also gotten the Shiny treatment. Most likely to celebrate along with the Pokemon Anime Shiny Rayquaza will be appearing on Theia Sky Ruins.

Shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon Unite

New BattlePass Pokemon

Another Battle Pass will soon be on its way, and front and center will be Meowscarada. While no images of the Battle Pass have been leaked we do know that it will be similar to Delphox’s Battle Pass style, because they will use the same background.

New Dragon Only Game Mode

miraidon, goodra, dragonite joining Pokemon Unite

Unite’s URF style mode, Full Fury, is returning but with a twist. Only Dragon-type Pokemon may participate. Also this new mode will debut Regidrago to Unite as a Wild Pokemon. It is unclear if this means Regidrago will make its way out of the event mode eventually but as of now it will be event-exclusive.