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How to Unlock Meowscarada for Free in Pokemon Unite

Learn how to complete the Flower Petal Challenge and earn Meowscarada's Unite License for free

Unite’s first Gen 9 Pokémon has arrived, and they are giving it away for free.

  • Meowscarada is now available in Pokémon Unite.
  • The Unite License is available for free via the “Flower Petal Challenge” event.
  • Phantom Thief Holowear is coming for Meowscarada on release.

Paldea has entered Pokémon Unite in the form of the grass-type starter Meowscarada. They will be a Speedster role in the game and from what we have seen look like an incredible addition to the roster. The best part of the release though, has got to be the event.

Flower Petal Challenge

The event to earn the Unite License for this new release is called the Meowscarada commemorative event, and the challenge is The Flower Petal Challenge. The event will last for 30 days once the Pokémon is released (December 7th). Similar to previous events this one revolves around completing missions but this time the goal is to collect flour petals of four colors: White, Yellow, Pink, and Blue. To complete the challenge you will need 100 petals of each color.

Meowscarada's Flower Petal Challenge in Pokemon Unite

How to Complete Meowscarada's Flower Petal Challenge

Best practices to Unlock the Unite license quickly:

  • Always complete your Daily missions
  • Play quick matches to complete some missions faster
  • Clear all your given missions because you will receive more upon completing all of yours

The Unite license will also be available for purchase via Aeos Gems or at a later date Aeos Coins.


Meowscarada will launch with some pretty fantastic holowear in the Phantom Thief line. This holowear, called skins in other games, will cost 1050 Aeos gems and will have special effects when running in the flux zone.

Phantom Thief holowear

Meowscarada Gameplay

Mewoscarada looks to be a very tricky speedster that excels at burst damage and ambushes. This Pokémon may be the “Magician” Pokémon, but in Unite it is looking like the Assassin Pokémon might be a better title.

The Moveset we are most excited to try is “Flower Trick” and “Trailblaze”. The signature move of Flower Trick leaves a ticking time bomb above an enemy's head that can be detonated at any time, and if the bomb KO’s a Pokémon it will reset the move's cooldown. Trailblaze is a diving mobility move that has an extended range when launching from tall grass. When this combo is executed well it will be devastating and enemies won’t even see it coming.