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Pokémon Unite Patch Notes: Big Dragapult Buffs and Cynthia Solo Challenge

Dragapult is here in the latest Pokemon Unite patch along with a variety of balance updates and the introduction of new held items
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Christmas has come early in Pokemon Unite with this patch. Updates include new Events, tons of balance updates, and two brand-new held items.

Highlights of the Patch


Dragapult in Pokemon Unite

The most recent patch to Unite has come with a long list of adjustments and new content but a few things stand out more than most. First and foremost is the long list of Buffs and Nerfs we will get to later in the article. While the list of changes is lengthy the clear winner from the most recent patch is Dragapult

Dragapult has had its moves “Phantom Force” and “Shadow Ball” buffed, its raw attack stats increased, and its Unite Move “Dreep and Destroy” received a cooldown reduction. All of this has turned the spooky dragon into a living nightmare. Similar to Mewtwo Y from a couple of patches ago this Pokémon has become an auto attacker titan. Fans of Dragapult are rejoicing because this Pokémon has had a tough time in the meta up until recently

New Held Items

Two new Held items that were previously leaked have entered the game. The “Charging Charm” and “Resonant Guard” are now available in the shop for 2000 Aeos coins or 1250 Aeos Tickets.

Both of these items have been received by the community quite well already. Charging Charm charges up via movement or damage and when full deals an additional burst of damage. So far it seems like Pokémon who want more move speed enjoy it the most, Dodrio is a perfect match.

Resonant Guard on the other hand is a defensive item. When doing damage it grants you and an ally a small shield and then goes on cooldown. This item so far has been seen on some niche support builds, Comfey in particular uses this item well.

Events and Changes to the Game

The Snowball event is back in Unite for a limited time! Shivre city Snowball battle is a lot of fun for various reasons but top of the list is having a reason to listen to the Shivre City soundtrack which is phenomenal!

Solo Challenge is a new take on an old event that has come with this patch. According to the patch notes this mode is intended to teach players in a solo play environment how to play Unite. And this mode has the twist of playing against CPU Trainers from the Pokémon franchise, this time focusing on Champion Cynthia!

Cynthia Challenge battle pass

Two other changes have hit the game with this patch, one of which is the implementation of the EX licenses. Mewtwo Y, Mewtwo X, and Zacian now all have that tag on their Unite License and according to the producer letter will not be available in Ranked next season.

Mewtwo and Zacian EX licenses

Lastly a slight change to the Rank format has occurred. Starting this season once arriving at a skill tier past beginner (Great, Expert, Veteran, Ultra) you will no longer be demoted to a previous tier. This change now makes all ranks function similarly to Master Rank in that way.

Complete Balance Changes


Surging Strikes has been nerfed.

Surging Strikes

  • Damage of boosted attack after using this move: reduced by 20%
  • Cooldown: 11 sec. → 12.5 sec.


Solar Beam and Mew’s Unite Move, Mystical Mirage, have been nerfed.

Solar Beam

  • Damage: reduced by 13–20%

Unite Move: Mystical Mirage

  • Damage: reduced by 20%


Inteleon’s stats, Water Gun, and Liquidation have been nerfed.


  • Sp. Atk: 100–950 → 100–900 (Lv. 1–15)


  • Critical-hit damage: reduced by about 20%

Water Gun

  • Damage: reduced by 15%


Play Rough and Shadow Sneak have been nerfed.

Play Rough

  • Cooldown: 5 sec. → 7.5 sec.

Shadow Sneak

  • Duration of shadow target mark: 0.5 sec. → 0.25 sec.


Dragapult’s stats, Phantom Force, Shadow Ball, and Dragapult’s Unite Move, Dreep and Destroy, have been buffed.


  • Attack: 140–470 → 140–500 (Lv. 1–15)

Phantom Force

  • Cooldown: 14 sec. → 12 sec.
  • Attack increase after a knock out: 6 (up to 8 times) → 10 (up to 10 times)
  • Basic attack speed increase: 85% → 100%
  • Movement speed increase: 15% → 30%

Shadow Ball

  • Damage: increased by 30%
  • Increased damage to marked opponents: increased by 30%
  • HP recovery when marks are removed: 10% of max HP → 15% of max HP

Unite Move: Dreep and Destroy

  • Cooldown: 12 sec. → 10 sec.


Water Shuriken and Double Team have been buffed.

Water Shuriken

  • Movement speed decrease effect: 25% → 35%
  • Movement speed increase: 15% → 25%

Double Team

  • Cooldown: 9 sec. → 8 sec.

Double Team+

  • Cooldown: 8 sec. → 7 sec.

Alolan Ninetales

Aurora Veil has been buffed.

Aurora Veil

  • HP recovery from boosted attacks used in the aurora: increased by 100%
  • Reduction to damage taken: 30% → 35%

Aurora Veil+

  • HP recovery from boosted attacks used in the aurora: increased by 100%
  • Reduction to damage taken: 35% → 40%


Phantom Force and Hyperspace Hole have been nerfed.

Phantom Force

  • Cooldown: 4.5 sec. → 6.5 sec.

Hyperspace Hole

  • Cooldown: 10 sec. → 12 sec.
  • Movement speed increase after returning to base: decreased by about 35%
  • Movement speed increase after warping between goal zones: decreased by about 30%


Tsareena’s stats and Trop Kick have been buffed.


  • Defense: 70–380 → 70–410 (Lv. 1–15)
  • Sp. Def: 50–310 → 50–340 (Lv. 1–15)

Trop Kick

  • Cooldown: 8.5 sec. → 7 sec.


Cramorant’s stats and Hurricane have been buffed.


  • From Lv. 9 onward, now recovers HP equal to 12.5% of damage dealt with Sp. Atk


  • Cooldown: 9 sec. → 8 sec.

Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime’s stats and Confusion have been buffed.


  • Cooldown: 6 sec. → 5 sec.


  • Sp. Atk at Lv. 15: 414 → 450